Border Patrol Agents Arrest Felony Child Abuser, Sex Offender after Illegal Crossing

Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector arrested a previously deported child sex offender after he illegally crossed from Mexico. In a separate incident, agents arrested a previously deported man with a felony conviction for child abuse.

On Wednesday, agents assigned to the Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station observed a man crossing the international border in an area east of the Naco Port of Entry. The agents arrested the man and took him to the station for processing, according to information provided to Breitbart Texas by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

All illegal aliens arrested by Border Patrol agents are subjected to a biometric background investigation after being arrested. In this case, records revealed that a Las Vegas, Nevada, court previously convicted the Mexican national, 41-year-old Angel Bautista-Sanchez, for “lewd or lascivious acts with a minor.” Following his 2013 conviction, immigration officers deported the criminal alien.

Bautista now faces federal felony charges of aggravated re-entry after being removed as a sex offender.

One day earlier, agents patrolling near the State Route 83 Border Patrol Checkpoint observed suspicious behavior by a woman driving a Nissan Sentra. The woman stopped her vehicle before the checkpoint, letting multiple people get out and run into the desert in an apparent effort to circumvent the checkpoint. One of the men fell about 12 feet after getting out of the Sentra and broke his leg. The injury required life flight transportation to a Tucson hospital.

Agents arrested the other Mexican nationals who were allegedly being smuggled by the woman. The agents captured and arrested all of her passengers.

During a background investigation, agents learned that one of the men, 45-year-old Jose Castro-Luque received a felony conviction in 2004 from a court in Farmington, Utah. The Utah court convicted Castro in 2004 for felony child abuse and neglect. He received a five-year prison sentence before being removed from the U.S.

He will also face felony charges of aggravated re-entry after removal as a convicted felon.

If convicted on the new federal charges, both men face up to 20 years in prison.

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Student who survived Parkland school shooting: ‘We were told the police would do a fake code red, with fake guns’

Florida ‘code red’ active shooter drill with “fake guns” went live, several eyewitnesses suggest. Did police use the wrong type of ammo (i.e. live rounds I.L.O. blanks) or did another element capitalize on the drill by hijacking it and taking it hot?

PARKLAND, Fla. (INTELLIHUB) — Many credible sources, including students, parents, and teachers of the school have openly admitted on camera that they were told at one point or another prior to the Valentine’s Day shooting that a “code red” active shooter drill would be taking place.

Stoneman Douglas H.S. Freshman Kelsey Friend told CNN on Thursday, that she heard whispers from fellow classmates on the day of the shooting that police would be conducting an active shooter drill using “fake guns.”

“We had rumors going around the school that police would do a fake code red with fake guns, not actual, but sounding real and I thought at the beginning that this just wasn’t real and that this was just drills […] until I saw my teacher dead on the floor.

The freshman said that she was hiding behind the teacher’s desk with 15-20 other students when her teacher was shot in the doorway of the classroom.

‘It seemed like it lasted five-years,” she explained.

Friend, who seems traumatized, told CNN that her and her classmates were whisked to safety when SWAT made their entry and evacuated them over an hour later.

“The SWAT team actually came and got us and said that it was all okay,” she explained. “Once we were escorted out of the classroom I did see Mr. Beagle’s body out the corner of my eyes through the stairwell and I did see blood and I saw two students, unfortunately, curled up in balls.

“Going down the stairs I saw more blood, backpacks everywhere,” she said. “It was like a movie scene and there was gunpowder all over the floor. […] It was just so real but felt so fake at the same time.”

Another student told a Texas News station that she saw “weird dust on the floor” after shots were fired and admits that drills were being conducted on the day of the shooting.

“It was pretty terrifying because they were all putting us through drills — we thought this was a drill but it wasn’t and then we just started hearing gunshots,” another student told KPRC 2 shortly after the shooting.

And if that’s not enough, the student said that there were “three shooters” and described one of them as “some other kid” (as in, not the suspect, Nikolas Cruz) and gestured as if the person she saw was wearing a tactical vest and a mask.

Another student who attends Stoneman Douglas H.S., a senior named David Hogg, also told CNN that he too thought the shooting was a drill.

“[…] we actually thought that this was a drill at first and an extremely realistic one at that,” Hogg explained. “I thought that because of the extremely well-executed response of the janitor and everybody else but while we were in there we soon found out this was anything but a drill.”

Gunpowder residue and wadding is often expelled in great quantities when blank rounds are fired.

So, the question is: Who took the drill live? Who fired live rounds?

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Pakistan Court Hands Down Four Death Sentences to Child Killer

FILE - A slide showing a picture of Imran Ali, who was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari, is shown at a press conference in Lahore, Pakistan January 23, 2018.
FILE – A slide showing a picture of Imran Ali, who was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab Ansari, is shown at a press conference in Lahore, Pakistan January 23, 2018.

An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan gave four death sentences to a man it found guilty of raping and murdering a six-year old girl.

The victim, Zainab Fatima, was attacked last month in her native eastern city of Kasur in Punjab province. The news of the incident shocked the nation, sparking demands to swiftly bring the killer to justice.

A major manhunt in and around the city and DNA tests enabled police to arrest the man, identified as 24-year-old Imran Ali, who later confessed to his crime. He was tried in the special speedy court at a high-security prison in the provincial capital of Lahore and media was not allowed to attend the proceedings.

Police found Zainab’s body in a city garbage dumpster four days after she was reported missing.

Provincial prosecutor general Ehtisham Qadir Shah told reporters outside the court Saturday that Ali was given four death sentences after being convicted of rape, murder and terrorism charges.

Shah explained that the convict can appeal the sentence in 15 days, though he predicted no relief, citing “irrefutable” evidence police have gathered against Ali, including his personal confession.

“This serial killer has raped a total of nine young girls [including Zainab]. Two of them are alive and seven have been murdered. The trials in other cases are expected to be concluded in about 15 days,” the prosecutor general said.

Investigators say they have matched DNA from other girls’ bodies with Ali.

The girl’s mother, Nusrat Bibi, spoke to reporters shortly after the verdict was announced, and she repeated her demand for the death penalty in public.

“I want him to be hanged publicly at the place where he took Zainab. He has not murdered just one young girl. He has killed many more and his public execution will deter others from committing such acts,” Bibi said.

Prosecutor General Shah did not rule out the possibility of a public execution as has been requested by the victim’s family.

“We are considering [it]. Since he [the convict] has been tried and charged under the special law of Anti-Terrorism Act, in which the government can think over it, the mode and manner [for carrying out the death penalty],” he said.

Shortly after the news of Zainab’s gruesome murder surfaced, protesters took to the streets in Kasur, where demonstrators stormed police stations and set fire to homes of local politicians for not taking action, despite repeated incidents of child rape and murder cases in the city.

Relatives have reported more than a dozen cases of rape and murder in and around Kasur in less than two years, but no serious action had been taken until Zainab’s case surfaced.

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Another False Flag Shooting in Florida?

(left, you know it’s a drill when they do this.) 

Merit Freeman lists the reasons he believes this

is another psy op initiated by the Deep State 

to disarm the American people. 

“I nailed it and hit a nerve. No matter what you type into Google, it will not bring up the story. You can search for the URL, exact quotes, keywords, names, anything you want. Google refuses to display it as a result. It’s fucking black-balled. We nailed this one Henry, and we did it quick and to the heart! I called in to ‘Coast To Coast A.M.’ to talk about the event, and they cut me off after I said the words ‘False Flag.'” – Freeman

by  Merit Freeman


Parkland, Florida False Flag School Shooting

The incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, 2018 was a false flag event, designed to foment a fascist gun grab.


The official narrative states that 19-year old NIKOLAS DE JESUS CRUZ, a student who had been kicked out of the school, entered the facility, set off smoke grenades, pulled the fire alarm and opened fire on students and teachers with a .223 caliber-15 rifle as they tried to evacuate the building, killing 17 people and wounding numerous others.

This incident has all the markings of a government-sponsored false flag event:

► The story was posted by news outlets days ahead of time. (See below)

► There was an Emergency Response training drill happening that day in the county adjacent to the incident. This is the “smoking gun” in my opinion. There was also a drill at the school.

► Eye-witnesses reported multiple shooters, yet only one “gunman” was arrested.

Eye-Witness Confirms Multiple Shooters [1] [VIDEO]

Eye-Witness Confirms Multiple Shooters [2] [VIDEO]

► Crisis actors were on the scene to give interviews.

“mom” claiming to have been in the 2017 Fort Lauderdale, Florida airport shooting now says that her “kids” were part of this shooting. A family who false flags together, stays together.

No Coincidence: Mom & Sons Victims In Multiple Shootings [VIDEO]

► An active shooter drill preceded the actual shooting.

Eye-Witness Confirms Active Shooter Drill [VIDEO]

► Confusion and misdirection pertaining to the identity of the shooter/patsy were rampant.

Marcel Fontaine.jpg

A picture and biography of a person unconnected with the shooting were immediately spread across the internet and news sources, as a picture from MARCEL FONTAINE‘s Facebook page was hijacked and passed off as the shooter. (Since scrubbed. Screenshot below.)

► The shooter/patsy had a name with a secretive meaning.

NIKOLAS = “Conqueror of the people”

DE JESUS = “Of Jesus”

CRUZ = “Cross”

Jesus Cross = Christians

Who conquered/killed JESUS CHRIST? The Jews.

Who perpetrated this shooting? I’ll let you figure that one out . . .

Stay conscious my friends.

Posted Early.jpg

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—————– #parklandhighschool had a scheduled “active shooter ” drill. TODAY! (2/14/18) Father of student says on air 4:28

—————– “We were told the police would do a code red with fake guns” 

First Comment from James Perloff-

Great post. A rapid breakdown of the event. In addition to the shooter being named “Jesus” and “Cross,” the media is reporting that he was “obsessed with guns” and that his Instagram picture features a MAGA hat! In short, the shooting was done by Jesus, the NRA, and Trump–everyone the left-wing Zionist MSM wants you to hate.

IMAGE (52).png

Similarly, you will recall that in January the media reported on two California parents who allegedly ran their home as a “house of horrors,” keeping 13 kids (yes, 13) chained to beds. The media described the parents as “Christian homeschoolers” who were forcing the children to memorize Bible verses. Sounds like they’re hiring B-movie scriptwriters to paint Christians as cliché villains in “Wag the Dog” screenplays sold as “news.”

Glen writes-
  I heard of this, yet another “Capstone Event” while I was getting ready to leave work on the eve of the 14th. I thought to myself, what a great day for another false flag event. St. Valentines day and Ash Wednesday all rolled into one.
  The next morning when I returned to work, not a word of any of this was spoken by anyone. I am not saying everyone has wised up to the almost daily barrage of B. S. we are bombarded with, I am saying the short attention span of my fellow Americans will prove to be the death of these events. Americans have become numb to these contrived shootings, the shine has worn off of the new propaganda toy.
 The funny thing about this is no one, I mean no one I know is more inclined to give up their guns. In fact they are more determined than ever to stock up on guns and ammo. It is my belief that these little events have had the opposite affect they were intended to have.
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Is the United States on the Brink of Nuclear War?

In the thirteen days since North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching large portions of North America, the United States has further escalated its war threats.

• On Thursday, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned that the United States might not send athletes to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea, because it could not guarantee their safety in the event of a war.

• Last Sunday, National Security advisor H.R. McMaster warned that the threat of war between the United States and North Korea is “increasing every day.”

• That same day, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham warned that the United States is “getting close to a military conflict” with North Korea, and urged the military to remove the families of US soldiers from South Korea.

These developments have been met with alarmed warnings from within the US foreign policy establishment as well as international bodies.

• On Friday, the Washington Post published a chilling hypothetical narrative by Jeffrey Lewis, a scholar at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, entitled, “This is how nuclear war with North Korea would unfold.” Lewis spelled out in hair-raising detail a scenario in which “nearly 2 million Americans, South Koreans and Japanese had died in the completely avoidable nuclear war of 2019.”

• On Saturday, the New York Times warned that the Trump administration’s rhetoric on North Korea increasingly resembles that of the Bush administration in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. The newspaper added,

“Outside experts are increasingly concluding that the Trump administration’s threats may not be empty and that officials are seriously contemplating attacking North Korea and its nuclear weapons and missile arsenal.”

• That same day, UN envoy Jeffrey Feltman issued a statement declaring that, after discussion with North Korean leaders, both the UN and North Korea had concluded that

“the current situation was the most tense and dangerous peace and security issue in the world today,” warning, “Time is of the essence.”

• On Sunday, at a ceremony to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, representatives of the group warned that “mutual destruction” between the United States and North Korea “is only one impulsive tantrum away.”

• On Sunday, conservative columnist George Will strongly hinted that a US attack against North Korea would place the country in violation of international law, noting that “crimes against peace” formed the basis of the Nuremberg tribunal of Nazi war crimes. Will concluded,

“The first two counts in the indictments at the 1946 Nuremberg trials concerned waging ‘aggressive war.’”

Such statements underscore the profound unease and concern with which large sections of the US and international foreign policy establishment view a potential war with North Korea. As opposed to the successive wars waged against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, the United States has no international supporters in a potential war against North Korea. It is operating increasingly outside of the framework of international law, with flagrant indifference to the mandates of the United Nations and the consensus of its erstwhile allies.

The administration’s critics within the US political establishment fear that a war against North Korea would be an unmitigated disaster for the United States in every conceivable scenario, involving the deaths, at a minimum, of hundreds of thousands of civilians on both sides of the North Korean border. Such a war would shatter whatever remains of Washington’s standing on the international arena, rendering it a pariah state.

The increasingly bellicose stance toward North Korea, which threatens to engulf it in a war far more disastrous than even the invasion of Iraq, has been a leading driver of speculation over the possibility of a White House palace coup.

In an article published in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, Scott D. Sagan warns that averting a potentially disastrous war with North Korea may present a substantial impetus for removing Trump from office by sections of the military.

Sagan notes that, in some ways, the US standoff with North Korea is even more dangerous than the Cuban Missile crisis, when “strong civilian leaders countered the U.S. military’s dangerously hawkish instincts.” But now,

“it is the senior political leadership in the United States that has made reckless threats, and it has fallen to Secretary of Defense James Mattis (a former general) and senior military officers to serve as the voices of prudence.”

He adds,

“If senior military leaders believe at any time that Trump is impaired, they have a duty to contact Mattis, who should then call for an emergency cabinet meeting to determine whether Trump is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office’ and thus whether to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

While no one should underestimate the danger of such a military coup, the idea that the US military leadership would somehow serve to check the Trump administration’s drive to war in the Pacific is wishful thinking. Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis has threatened genocide against North Korea, warning that a war could lead to the “destruction of its people.” National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster has likewise stated that the United States is prepared to launch a “preventive,” that is, unprovoked, war against North Korea.

As the United States faces an unprecedented acceleration of the breakdown of its postwar hegemony, the possibility exists that it may go to war simply to make good on the Trump administration’s threats.

Meanwhile, the mounting talk of removing Trump from office through impeachment, forced resignation or the invocation of the 25th Amendment increases the pressure on the administration to seek through war a solution to the domestic political crisis gripping the United States.

All of this underscores the immense danger posed by the US nuclear standoff. While there exist factional differences within the US ruling elite over the advisability of a war with North Korea, there is no antiwar faction within the ruling elite. The policy demanded by those factions opposing Trump—an escalation of the conflict with Russia—poses its own danger of an escalation into all-out world war.

Far from warning of the mounting danger of war, the Democratic Party has spent the last two weeks intensifying its campaign over the Trump administration’s alleged collusion with Russia. It is simultaneously working to corrupt public consciousness with its witch hunt against “sexual misconduct” in Hollywood and on Capitol Hill, aimed at rallying an upper-middle-class constituency for its conflict with the Trump administration.

The only social force capable of averting a catastrophic third world war is the international working class. This social force must be mobilized, on the basis of a socialist program, into a mass international antiwar movement, aimed at putting an end to war and the capitalist system that creates it.

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Health Ranger joins Robert Scott Bell for mind-blowing SCIENCE explanation of Tide laundry pods lab tests

Image: Health Ranger joins Robert Scott Bell for mind-blowing SCIENCE explanation of Tide laundry pods lab tests

Tide laundry pods have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. Designed to make doing laundry more convenient, these colorful pods’ similar appearance to candy has had all kinds of effects that Tide likely never intended.

The first problem is poisoning, with young children mistaking the pods for candy, ingesting them, and becoming ill. In fact, poison control centers recorded more than 12,299 toxic exposures to the detergent last year alone. The pods contain a brightly-colored liquid encased in a film that dissolves in the washer, and their appeal has proven too much for some kids to resist.

The second major problem is the “Tide Pod Challenge,” the latest idiotic internet meme that sees teens intentionally eating the poisonous pods and recording their stupidity for posterity and posting it on YouTube.

Just what can happen to you when you eat a Tide pod? Diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain might happen immediately, while breathing problems can arise as the chemical attacks the nervous system. It can also slow your heart rate and affect blood pressure, shutting down vital organs. Even those who simply “bite” the pod can experience chemical burns to their mouth, throat, and skin along with eye irritation. Ten deaths have been reported so far, and one can only guess what it’s doing to the environment once your wash is finished and it is drained out with the water.

700 chemicals detected

So just what are these misguided youth putting into their bodies in the name of a few social media “likes”? Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, recently appeared on the Robert Scott Bell Show to explain how his state-of-the-art lab analyzed these toxic pods and uncovered more than 700 different chemicals inside of them. Using mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography in conjunction with MassHunter software, he was able to derive the chemical formulas used in the product based on their mass. A list of these chemical formulas was released to the public on to help people make more informed decisions.

More than 700 chemicals, many of which are very toxic to ingest, were found inside the pods. There’s a warning on the label, as you might expect, and exasperated doctors have been warning the public not to get on board with this ill-advised trend.

Yet even those who wouldn’t dream of popping these bizarre little packets into their mouths do willingly add them to their laundry every day without giving it a second thought. This means they’re saturating their clothes in them and then wearing them against their skin for prolonged periods, thereby giving the chemicals direct access to their body’s biggest organ: the skin.

As Adams points out, sweating makes it easier for your skin to absorb these chemicals, where they can then disrupt your metabolism and harm your liver. In other words, even if no one in your house is inclined to eat these toxic pods, you are still exposing yourself to their chemicals if you use them to wash your clothes.

Make informed decisions about everyday products

Knowing what’s in the products you use every day empowers you to make healthier decisions for you and your family. Adams has announced that The Consumer Wellness Center will be carrying out, under his guidance, similar analysis of foods, dietary supplements, and OTC medications and publishing the results in the future. Stay tuned.

Sources for this article include:

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Hidden poisons in your MOUTH may be causing cancer, arthritis, heart disease and even obesity

Image: Hidden poisons in your MOUTH may be causing cancer, arthritis, heart disease and even obesity

(Natural News) Each day, I review hundreds of science and medicine headlines for assigning stories to websites like and, and I repeatedly see new science papers published about the links between oral bacteria and chronic diseases such as heart disease. The science is clear: If you have bacteria lurking in an old root canal, or hidden in your gum line, or even hiding out in pockets between your teeth, you may be inadvertently poisoning yourself with microbiological toxins that can seriously compromise your health.

Now, there’s a way to educate yourself with the knowledge you need to prevent disease and protect your own health for life. From March 12 – 19, a free online docu-series called The Holistic Oral Health Summit brings you 35 experts in oral health, disease prevention, nutrition and more. You can view the series at no charge by simply registering at this link.

One of the speakers in the summit is the incredibly gifted and knowledgeable Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, who I personally visited for an incredibly difficult cosmetic dental procedure involving an old root canal I had as a child (following a sports injury, which was a real teeth smasher…). I know firsthand that Dr. Cole is, without question, the most gifted holistic dentist I have ever personally encountered. He completed a very difficult procedure on me that three previous dentists utterly failed to resolve. And his work has remained rock solid to this day, years later. (That must be why Dr. Cole has something like a six-month waiting period for new patients in the Austin area. If you want to see him as a patient, visit and request an appointment. He’s well versed in mercury-free dentistry.)

In addition to Dr. Griffin Cole, the Holistic Oral Health Summit features 34 other health experts, including Chris Shade, PhD (an expert in mercury toxicity and chelation therapy), Boyd Haley, PhD, David Kennedy, DDS and many other tremendously knowledgeable speakers.

This docu-series will change your life. In some cases, it may even help save your life from chronic degenerative disease. Sometimes the root cause of disease is quite literally the toxic bacteria lurking inside an old root canal. Other times, a simple change in your dental hygiene can make an astonishing difference in your recovery from cancer or heart disease.

If you want to stay healthy and avoid chronic disease, you need to see this docu-series. It’s one of the best I’ve ever been interviewed for. The wisdom you’ll discover in this series is so much more advanced than what you’ll ever hear from a conventional dentist that it puts common dentistry to shame. (Hopefully more dentists will watch this series, too, so they can pass this wisdom along to their own patients…)

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Fracking waste is radioactive and endangers human health – there is NO safe way to dispose of it

Image: Fracking waste is radioactive and endangers human health – there is NO safe way to dispose of it

(Natural News) Hydraulic fracturing – more commonly known as fracking – may still be legal in many states across the U.S., but there’s no denying that it’s a highly controversial practice. In the state of Colorado, which has issued strict guidelines regarding disposal of waste water from fracking sites, has now ruled that the waste is far too dangerous and therefore cannot be disposed through the usual methods. This is according to a new report that details how operators have been wrongly reporting the levels of radioactivity found in landfills and land spreads, preventing the fact that they’ve exceeded guidelines from being known.

The report, which was written by Dr. Wendell G. Bradley, a known expert on the subject, and released by the Center for Research on Globalization, goes over the dangers of the typical fracking operation before dishing out all of the information regarding the biggest problem of the practice: Finding a safe and proper way of disposing all of the resulting waste water. The report states that operators are currently dumping waste from Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (E&P) “at radiation levels highly in excess” of guidelines for technically enhanced, normally occurring radioactive materials (TENORM).

For reference, the acceptable release levels for radium has to be below three picocuries per gram, and it is said that releases at levels higher than 210 picocuries per gram warrants official corrective action. But corrected measurements show that previously reported release levels have been flat out wrong and are in fact a thousand times higher than what is deemed acceptable. Indeed, data from a Gradient Corporation study shows that the release levels of radium in radioactive tank sludge was recorded to be at 1,293 picocuries per gram. As you can imagine, such a high level is clearly far above TENORM guidelines.

With levels of radioactivity this high, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has found a great cause for concern. Although it has approved radioactive releases at commercial landfills in the past – along with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) – the CDPHE has now determined that there’s simply too much danger to human health and alternative ways of disposing the waste materials have to be utilized. Dr. Bradley himself states that the new information really sheds new light on the matter.

“With accurate measuring protocols and holding periods, ordinary landfill-targeted frack waste cannot meet the TERNOM standards needed to protect public health,” explained Bradley. “Indeed, radiation levels are being underestimated by factors of 100 to 1000 (for scale). It is clearly innappropriately legal to land-dump E&P waste.” As such, the decision has been made to stop TENORM land-dumping until such time that both the CDPHE and the COGCC see that the “rules comply with current knowledge.”

The harmful effects of fracking have been well-documented. It poses dangers to the environment, the water supply, and even nearby communities. In practice, it pollutes not just water but the air as well. And operations typically tend to produce toxic chemicals that have been shown to be carcinogenic and evidently endocrine-disrupting. As you can imagine, these can be extremely harmful to humans.

But apart from all of that, fracking is also known to be harmful in other ways. Fracking regularly destroys communities by bringing property values down, increasing the crime rates, killing local tourism and hurting local agriculture. There are many reasons why some states have already banned it in practice, so instituting some sort of prohibition that limits it or at least prevents its hazardous waste materials from affecting the lives of individuals and communities can only be a good thing.

Find out the latest on fracking by visiting

Sources include:

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Flu Epidemic Prompts Executive Order For Vaccinations

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an executive order to combat the flu epidemic in New York. The executive order allows pharmacists to administer flu vaccines to children ages 2 to 18.

The order suspends the law that limits the authority of pharmacists to administer immunizing agents to anyone under age 18 to allow vaccines to be administered to anyone age 2 and up.

The order comes as the number of reported influenza cases across the state continues to rise. Over the past week, 7,779 laboratory confirmed flu cases were reported to the state and 1,759 New Yorkers have been hospitalized with confirmed influenza.

These are the highest weekly numbers in both categories since reporting began in 2004 and surpass last week’s previous high of 1,606 hospitalizations.

Parents and guardians with children between the ages of 6 months and 24 months are still encouraged to see their primary care provider for the vaccination.

To receive a flu shot, contact your local health care provider or pharmacy, or find information about vaccination clinics by contacting your local health department.

Flu shots may also be found through the HealthMap Vaccine Finder at

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Donald Trump Has Long Linked Autism to Vaccines. He Isn’t Stopping Now That He’s President.

President Donald Trump flanked by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, right,  speaks during a parent-teacher conference listening session in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on February 14, 2017 in Washington.
President Donald Trump flanked by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, right, speaks during a parent-teacher conference listening session in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on February 14, 2017 in Washington.
Olivier Douliery — picture-alliance/dpa/AP
By Laura Entis

February 16, 2017

Among the conspiracy theories in regular rotation by President Trump is his insistence there is a connection between autism and vaccines.

He’s made this discredited link — a theory based and popularized on a now-debunked and retracted study by Andrew Wakefield — via speeches, tweets, even the Republican debate stage.

On Tuesday, in a conversation with educators and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Trump reiterated these concerns. “So what’s going on with autism?” he asked a teacher in the audience. “When you look at the tremendous increase, it’s really — it’s such an incredible — it’s really a horrible thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase.”

“Maybe we can do something,” he added.

It’s not surprising that Trump continues to suggest that vaccinations can cause autism — he’s been saying as much for years. But as president, Trump’s position carries outsized weight, and has the power to significantly impact autism research and treatment, as well the number of preventable outbreaks of viral-borne diseases such as measles and mumps.

There are indications Trump plans to set up a “vaccine safety commission” headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vocal proponent of the theory that vaccines cause autism. Kennedy told Politico as much, adding that he has met with Trump’s staff and transition team “many times” since the election to discuss the issue, hinting that a formal announcement from the White House is forthcoming.

For its part, the medical community has been consistent and adamant on this point: There is no proven connection between vaccines and autism. While autism diagnoses have risen noticeably over the couple decades — climbing from one in 150 in 2000 to one in 68 today, according to the CDC — experts attribute much of this to better diagnosis techniques and increased awareness.

Meanwhile outbreaks of contagious diseases, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, are making a comeback, driven in large part by parents refusal to vaccinate their children for religious and philosophical reasons. In 2000 measles was declared eradicated in the U.S. In 2014, there were 668 reported cases, according to the US Centers for Disease Control. For measles to be contained, around 95% of the population needs to be immune — dip below that, and contagion becomes more likely. In some areas of California, vaccination exemption rates are estimated to be in the double digits, a factor that experts believe contributed to a measles outbreak in Disneyland, which infected dozens of children last year.

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