Russia puts BLACK LIVES MATTER on terrorist list, plus all those who give them funds!

Yes, that is right. Russia has put Black Lives Matter on a terrorist list. This includes all those who fund the group.

Yet, Obama refuses to left a finger to help and protect the US law abiding citizens from these terrorists.

This is an outrage!

Black Lives Matter left a note near a Florida police car set on fire. The car was what the police call a “ghost car”. It was parked in front of a mosque to deter violence against Muslims.

Yes, the Daytona police were trying to protect the Muslim community, and they were targeted by Black Lives Matter.

Thank God the car was empty and no lives lost. I cannot believe that the White House will not label BLM a terrorist organization.

Even after an online petition sent to the White House asking them to label BLM just that, the WH/Obama refused to do just that. He gives this terrorist group more support than he gives the law abiding American citizens.


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What California’s new gun laws mean for hunters, target shooters

Being a California gun owner just got more complicated.

Bolstering a body of firearms laws already considered among the nation’s strongest, Gov. Jerry Brown last week signed a half-dozen bills to regulate ammunition sales, ban large-capacity clips and quick-reloading devices and clamp down on lending weapons, among other things.

Some hunters and shooters have reacted with a mix of dismay and confusion, wondering what they will have to do to remain law-abiding citizens and asking if they will need to change their habits.

“I haven’t broken any laws. I’m a Boy Scout. For 20 years I’ve made every effort to stay completely legal because gun rights are so important to me,” said John Spier, a competitive shooter who lives in Visalia. “These laws are going to affect me and those like me a lot more than they’re going to affect criminals.”

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Here are answers to some of the more common questions and concerns that arose in interviews with gun owners.

Q: Do I have to get a permit to buy ammunition?

A: No. But under Senate Bill 1235 as of July 2019 you will need to pass a background check, which involves the vendor running your information through a California Department of Justice system to see if you are prohibited from owning guns (for example, because of a violent felony). If not, you should be clear to buy.

Q: What if I go hunting across state lines and buy ammo there?

A: Let’s say you travel to Oregon for some duck hunting and buy boxes of ammunition while outside of California. You can bring at most 50 rounds back in to the state. Any more than that and you could be hit with a misdemeanor.

Q: Who’s going to enforce that?

A: The same law enforcement agencies like sheriffs, police officers and Department of Justice agents who already enforce gun laws. For example, the department already works to intercept people who cannot own guns in California but try to get them across the border from other states.

Hunters might already be familiar with Department of Agriculture border checkpoints, which exist to ensure people aren’t bringing banned fruit and vegetables, illegally poached game or out-of-state afflictions like chronic wasting disease into California. There is no plan to set up new checkpoints to check whether people are bringing ammunition, but people could face questions about ammo at the agricultural stops.

If you are purchasing ammunition in California, going hunting in another state and then returning with more than 50 rounds, keep a record of the sale to establish it’s on the level.

Q: Can I give or sell my friends and family excess ammunition?

A: You can sell up to 50 rounds a month directly to immediate relatives and give as much as you want to friends or family. You cannot sell to a friend unless the transaction goes through a licensed ammunition dealer or you both are licensed hunters out on a hunt and you don’t sell more than 50 rounds a month.

Q: I own a gun with a detachable magazine. Am I breaking the law?

A: Two bills, Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135, sought to close what law enforcement groups and gun control advocates call the “bullet-button” loophole. California law already prohibited assault weapons, defined as those with magazines that can be detached without disassembling the gun or using a tool.

But some gun owners reacted to that by employing so-called “bullet-button” devices that can quickly release spent magazines without running afoul of the ban, seeing as they allow users to eject magazines using tools like another magazine.

The new laws would, as of the start of 2017, ban the sale of semi-automatic, centerfire rifles or semi-automatic pistols that do not have a fixed magazine and also have one from a list of specific design features.

Q: So if I have an old gun that fits that definition, do I have to get rid of it?

A: Not if you bought it between 2001 and 2016. But you will need to register it with the California Department of Justice by the start of 2018. You can find a form online at, and it should cost at most $20.

Both under the old and the new definition, to be banned for sale guns also need to have a characteristic from a list that includes things like a protruding pistol grip, a thumbhole stock, a folding stock, a flash suppressor or a grenade launcher. In other words, what are often referred to as “military-style” features.

So guns like hunting rifles with detachable magazines won’t necessarily be banned, as long as they don’t have one of those “military-style” design features the state uses to define assault weapons.

Q: My dad owns a semi-automatic with a detachable magazine that fits the new definition of an assault weapon. Will I be able to inherit it when he dies or buy it from him?

A: No. Unless he modifies the gun so it’s not longer classified as an assault weapon, that now counts as an illegal sale or transfer.

Q: My hunting company regularly lends customers guns. Is that now illegal?

A: No. Assembly Bill 1511 cracks down on loaning guns, with advocates arguing the practice serves to skirt background check requirements.

But an existing exemption for hunters remains in place, so hunting guides can still lend their customers firearms as part of their businesses if those customers have hunting licenses and only use the guns during the established hunting season.

Family members can lend one another guns provided it doesn’t happen that often: less than six times a year for handguns and, for other guns, if it’s “occasional and without regularity.”

Outside of that, you won’t be able to loan guns to others starting in January 2017.

Q: Some of the guns I use take magazines that carry more than 10 rounds. What do I do with them?

A: Senate Bill 1446 prohibits the possession of magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds as of July 2017. That expands on an existing state law barring the sale and import of such magazines.

So you might need to get rid of old high-volume magazines by destroying them, selling them to licensed gun dealers or handing them in to law enforcement. But, as with the bullet-button bills, there are some exceptions written in.

If you own a gun that only takes such large-capacity magazines, and bought it before the start of 2000, you can keep the magazines that go with it provided you only use them for that gun.

Q: I’m a competitive shooter and use guns with large-capacity magazines. Can I continue practicing my sport in California?

A: Some shooting competitions use guns that accept magazines larger than those California now prohibits. Participants have been able to get around that until now provided their magazines are old enough that they didn’t buy them before California outlawed sales of such magazines.

But now, if your gun can take a lower-capacity magazine, you have to use it while in California.

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She’s one-degree of separation from a devil-lover! Ben Carson claims Hillary is unfit to be president because her ‘hero’ radical writer ‘acknowledges Lucifer’

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RNC. Looks like they set things up to maximise trouble. Obummer wants martial law

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Sheriff: Hugo water supply tainted with THC

Sheriff: Hugo water supply tainted with THC

HUGO, Colo. — Residents in an eastern Plains town are being warned not to drink or cook using the local water suppy after it was found to be tainted with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

One of the well houses associated with the water supply showed signs of tampering, the sheriff’s office said. Hugo public works employees found the evidence of “forced entry into the raw water system,” according to a spokesman.

The FBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office were working together on the investigation. It’s not known how much THC is in the water.

The sheriff’s office warned residents not to drink the water or cook with it. The warning is precautionary, a spokesman said.

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City of Colorado Springs tells pastor that the name Jesus brings hate speech.
The world hates Jesus and always did, but today the world (system) is falling apart, and even fools can see that much.

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Ted Gunderson, retired FBI bureau chief, California

He use to have a shortwave radio broadcast on WWCR 12.160 at 11:00 am. I turned on the broadcast one morning, but Mr. Gunderson wasn’t there. I heard a mans voice I didn’t recognise and he said, ”I don’t care if we have a constitution or not, we have a God given right to own a firearm”. That voice was Pastor Pete Peters. That was a long time ago!

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Watch sheriff David Clarke say it the way it is on CNN. I’m surprised they didn’t just cut his mic.

The one thing I wish the sheriff would have said is that George soros is bank rolling BLM to the tune of 33 million.

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Baton Rouge, false flag written all over it
Keep in mind, that the term false flag doesn’t automatically mean that know one was hurt or killed. It does appear that people were murdered, but question remains who were the perpetrators. The finger is being pointed at the terrorist group BLM, which is funded by George soros, a multi billionaire pal of not only the Clinton crime family, but Obama also.  BLm is the face on the problem and knowingly or unknowingly have done their part, but it ain’t all that cut and dried as this article speculates. Soros’s roll is known, but this article also fingers the UN and  MS-13 an extremely violent mexican gang. The lame stream nooze media plays their part by the overly simplistic narrative they are peddling to the public. BLM is the front group, that wouldn’t even exist, much less be able to organise nation wide without the financing and support of soros and others I’m sure, but do they even mention the guy? Not hardly, but people like soros should also be held responsible for what they do, along with the chumps he’s paid to do his bidding. Thousands of people chop away at the branches of evil, but very few go after the roots.

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France, another false flag. See the link for pictures and the rest of the story. Can they all be a false flag? Yes, don’t kid yourself. Wrong is right and right is wrong today. As long as people keep denying what they’re doing, they’ll keep doing it.


You can’t get a clear picture of the bullet holes in the metal on the truck. I FOUND OUT WHY. It is because they were obviously poked into the metal with a wrecking bar!

ANYWHERE. IT ALSO EXPLAINS WHY THERE ARE NO EXIT HOLES. Despite the censorship, someone managed to get a picture of the holes that was good enough even if it was not “crystal clear”.

Obvious problems with the Nice terror attack:

1. None of the video shows the truck actually hit anyone.

2. They lied about the truck going through barricades and into a “people only” area. The truck only goes down a street with existing traffic, where if people are watching out like they should, they would not get hit. And it was not going fast at all, like it would be on a death mission. The death toll could not have been this high. If he was lucky, he would have hit only one or two people even if he went full speed through red light crosswalks which were never mentioned in the MSM.

3. There is no police shoot out video, despite what claims are. Police simply approach the side of the truck that has no “bullet holes” and go around it. There is no scene at all of them shooting the glass, or putting a single bullet hole in the truck. There is only sound, which could be dubbed in and no glass fragments flying, no holes appearing, NOTHING. All “holes” appear at angles the camera never gets live, despite the fact that the camera followed the police in! This would be done if you used bullet stickers, and had pre existing holes in the cab, on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE TRUCK already in place for the still cameras later that the video camera could not ever see because if they were there before the police arrived, it would prove it all fake. We are just supposed to believe this camera guy stayed in the line of fire as the police shot towards him, from the side of the cab you can’t see, after they went around it ON THE SAME VIDEO.

When I first heard of this story, I made a few assumptions that were wrong. I assumed the truck swerved and hit people. That was wrong, despite the fact they said it. I assumed the truck went into an area that was blocked off for pedestrians only, down a path way that only people were supposed to be on. I BELIEVED THAT WAS THE STORY, BECAUSE THEY SAID SO. THAT WAS WRONG, IT WAS JUST ON A NORMAL STREET THAT WAS NOT BLOCKED OFF AT ALL.

The entire pretext for this story is so fake it could not possibly happen. It would not be possible to go down any street that is allowing normal traffic, and hit more than a couple people even if you tried. People are not stupid, they have brains and eyballs and ears, and are a moving target. The truck is loud. You can’t sneak up on anyone at 40 mph and just bash them. It is not fast enough for surprise, or slow enough for the truck to be quiet. This truck did not go on a rampage through a deaf club. And the videos show that even if the truck was speeding, it was going close to the normal speed limit for the street on top of that! If the truck was not jumping the curbs and bashing barricades, the entire story is BULLSHIT. I WAITED TO SAY THIS UNTIL IT COULD BE ABSOLUTELY PROVEN: NO BULLETS WERE EVER FIRED AT THE TRUCK.

Have any doubt they used bullet stickers? The image I used to prove it came from HERE All people need to do to bust this psy op is think about what was put right in front of everyone.



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