Could Holland DITCH the euro?

Dutch MPs are considering whether the Netherlands could ditch the Euro, after ordering a report on the future of the currency.

The country’s relationship with the single currency is set to be debated in parliament once the findings are published.

The probe, which will also look at how Holland might be able to pull out of the Euro, was prompted by concerns the European Central Bank’s ultra-low interest rates are hurting Dutch savers.

Dutch MPs are considering whether the Netherlands could ditch the Euro, after ordering a report on the future of the currency 

The debate on the Euro will come after the country’s elections in March, which is expected to change the make-up of parliament dramatically.

While most Dutch voters say they favour retaining the Euro, Geert Wilders’ eurosceptic far-right party is expected to make large gains.

The probe will examine whether it would be possible for the Dutch to withdraw from the single currency, and if so how.

While most Dutch voters say they favour retaining the Euro, Geert Wilders' (pictured) eurosceptic far-right party is expected to make large gains in next month's elections 

While most Dutch voters say they favour retaining the Euro, Geert Wilders’ (pictured) eurosceptic far-right party is expected to make large gains in next month’s elections

Omtzigt said: ‘The problems with the euro have not been solved. This is a way for us to look at ways forward with no taboos.’

The move  coincides with a rising tide of euroscepticism in Europe that populist parties are hoping to tap into this year, with national elections also taking place in France and Germany.

The most probable outcome of the March 15 in Holland is a new centrist coalition including some parties, including Omtzigt’s Christian Democrats, that have been vocal in their opposition to current ECB policy.

Thursday’s motion instructs the Council of State, the government’s legal advisor, to look at ‘what political and institutional options are open for the euro,’ and ‘what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.’

The country's relationship with the single currency will be debated in the Dutch parliament (pictured) later this year, once the findings of the report are published

The country’s relationship with the single currency will be debated in the Dutch parliament (pictured) later this year, once the findings of the report are published

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Traitor: Republican Senator Says No to Repealing Obamacare

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has announced her opposition to the repeal of Obamacare if it means defunding Planned Parenthood or eliminating the state’s expansion of Medicaid.

“The Affordable Care Act has failed in so many ways, but there are elements within it that deserve to be saved,” Murkowski said during an address before the Alaska Legislature.

Specifically, Murkowski citied provisions mandating coverage be provided to individuals with pre-existing conditions, the ability of people to remain on their parents’ insurance plans until the age of 26, and mental health coverage as worth saving, as well as her state’s decision to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.

“As long as Alaska wants to keep the expansion it should have the option,” she said. “I will not vote to repeal it.”

Murkowski also expressed opposition to any Obamacare repeal that also defunds Planned Parenthood.

“Taxpayer dollars should never be used to pay for abortions, but I will not vote to deny Alaskans access to the health services that Planned Parenthood provides,” Murkowski said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan previously indicated any repeal of Obamacare would also include the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s affiliate in Alaska praised Murkowski’s decision.

“That was a really pleasant surprise,” said Alyson Currey, a representative for Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii. “We really commend her for her leadership and her strong support.”

Murkowski joined Maine Senator Susan Collins and former Illinois Senator Mark Kirk in attempting to remove a provision defunding Planned Parenthood from an Obamacare repeal bill in 2015.

Efforts to repeal Obamacare were already faltering prior to Murkowski’s comments, despite dozens of repeal measures already passing Congress under President Obama and a proposal to replace Obamacare introduced by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Paul reportedly left a meeting with House Speaker Ryan over frustration with Medicaid expansion and the lack of progress to repeal Obamacare.

Former House Speaker John Boehner suggested a complete repeal of Obamacare was unlikely.

“In the 25 years I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever, one time, agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like. Not once,” he said at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society forum. “They’ll fix Obamacare. I shouldn’t call it repeal and replace because that’s not what’s going to happen.”

“They’re basically going to fix the flaws and put a more conservative box around it.”

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Protesters Freak Out, Yell “Lucifer!” After GOP Town Hall Opens With A Prayer

Liberal protesters became enraged when a Louisiana town hall with Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy opened with a prayer earlier this week, screaming at the chaplain as he tried to lead the crowd in prayer.

The protesters, who were there with a local chapter of anti-Trump group Indivisible, can be heard groaning and shouting as the chaplain says, “In God we trust.” One man can be heard saying, “Pray on your own time!” Others shouted incredulously, “Prayer? Prayer?”

Video of the event, first reported by The Washington Free Beacon, reveals one woman shouting the name “Lucifer” while the chaplain invokes God’s name. Other, non-protesting attendees can be heard trying to shush the protesters.

Protesters can be heard shouting about “separation of church and state” throughout the prayer. They became especially furious when the chaplain closed the prayer “in Jesus’s name.”

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Penn State warns professors not to assume the gender of students

Image: Penn State warns professors not to assume the gender of students

(Natural News) Soaring college costs may not be the only reason to think twice about sending your kids to college. Recent out-of-control Social Justice movements are turning college campuses into nothing more than politically correct indoctrination camps. The students are being trained to live in a world where there is only one acceptable way to think, and if you don’t fall in line, then you are racist.

The most recent case comes out of Penn State University as they roll out their “Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms Workshop.” Professors are being asked to use “inclusive teaching” and are provided a checklist to use in class to ensure they do not display any microaggressions. It is a result of alleged concerns over “implicit bias and stereotype threats” some students have claimed to experience.

According to The College Fix, this comes at the behest of President Eric Barron, who heard “similar concerns consistently from multiple student groups.” He urged the Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity to generate the strategies as part of a broad response to those concerns “so all students and faculty can feel respected in Penn State classrooms.” (RELATED: Get all the news Google doesn’t want you to read at

The checklist, which Professors can download from Penn State’s Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence website has 53 points including:

– Avoid assuming the gender of any student

– Avoid religious holidays when scheduling tests.

– Avoid expressing racially charged political opinions.

– Do not assume all students speak English fluently.

– Do not ask or expect students to represent an entire group, either by look or by request.

– Allow students to accumulate grade points in a variety of ways.

– Assign group membership randomly. Do not allow students to choose their own groups.

– Use a variety of teaching methods; do not rely solely on lectures and didactic questions.

– Allow students to work on projects that explore their own social identities.

Professors are also advised to “use visuals that do not reinforce stereotypes, but do include diverse participants” and to “analyze the content of your examples, analogies, and humor” to ensure they don’t “ostracize students.”

Spencer Brown, a spokesman for Young America’s Foundation, sees the list as akin to speech codes. He told The College Fix, “implicit bias includes microaggressions, according to the Penn State report, but these microaggressions are simply made-up words used by the Left to silence and intimidate conservatives. It’s ironic that leftists are so concerned with promoting tolerance and preventing bias when the biggest purveyor of bias and intolerance is the Left.”

Brown also stated “it is clear to me that this standard would be used almost exclusively against conservative students. Conservatives are falsely dubbed ‘racist’ by leftists for supporting school choice, the right to life, or even just observing the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.”

This is not the first time Penn State has made headlines for nanny state, politically correct actions. A little over a year ago the faculty asked students to report microaggressions to administrators, no matter how small or inconsequential the perceived act may be.

Lisa Powers, director of Penn State’s strategic communications office, said in an email to The College Fix that the school, “stands firmly behind free speech and free expression, even in those instances when the views being expressed are disturbing or insulting, or the actions hurtful. The First Amendment doesn’t just apply to those who express ideas with which we agree. It also applies to those whose ideas we may find challenging, repugnant or even appalling. By providing an outlet for individuals to report bias they have seen or experienced, we are giving them an equal right to express their thoughts and feelings on the matter.”

Colleges continue to do a disservice to their students with initiatives like this. If whining about micro-aggressions continues to be drilled into the brains of newer generations, it will be the undoing of society. Parents and taxpayers need to take a stand to ensure that public, state-funded colleges like Penn State do not get away with this by demanding that Social Justice Warriors be stopped, or the money will stop. Everyone knows liberals don’t stand a chance if they have to rely on their own money.


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Mysterious sinkholes are plaguing Vietnam

Mysterious sinkholes are plaguing Vietnam

February 21st, 2017, by

Subsidence, which is defined as the gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land, has been causing mysterious holes to appear all over the Cho Don District of the northern mountain province of Bac Kan, Vietnam.

At least 20 holes have been reported so far, and scientists are gravely concerned. Each of the holes is between 6 ½ and 16 feet in width, and from 6 ½ to 10 feet deep.

The Ban Tan hamlet in a town called Bang Lung has been the hardest hit, with more than 10 of the mysterious holes. A cause of great concern is the fact that some of the holes have appeared in water springs, causing some of them to dry up and resulting in shortages of both drinking water and the water needed for farming.

In addition to the holes, very long cracks, hundreds of feet in length, have also started popping up all over the place.

Farmers have been hit hard, with many of them losing ponds and finding cracks in their fields and even the foundations of their houses.

One farmer lost 440 pounds of fish in a single day when a hole suddenly appeared in his pond.

This is not the first time this area has been hit with the effects of subsidence, but the scope of the problem is far greater this time, making it much more serious.

Scientists who looked into the cause of the subsidence say that there are two main causes: First of all, most of northern and central Vietnam is characterized by what is known as karst topography. Put simply, karst topography is a landscape peppered with rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum that can be dissolved by either surface or underground water. Scientists have found that underground caverns tend to develop in areas with karst topography, and external disturbances like drilling, fracking and the construction of foundations can cause these caverns to collapse. The second thing that seems to have contributed to the development of the giant holes is the pumping of ground water. (RELATED: Speaking of fracking, what are the latest developments on this controversial front? Stay in the know at

It would seem sinkholes are a recurring problem in Vietnam. In September of last year, The Voice of Vietnam reported that a huge sinkhole, 39 feet long, 30 feet wide and 33 feet deep, had developed in the middle of a national highway, bringing traffic to a screeching halt. The sinkhole started out small in August, but ongoing rain caused it to keep expanding. (RELATED: While Vietnam’s mysterious sinkholes are explainable, many other phenomena are not. Read about some of these at

It seems that the strange phenomenon of mysterious sinkholes is likely to continue for some time to come in Vietnam.


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Eugenicist Bill Gates outraged over Trump’s Planned Parenthood cuts

Eugenicist Bill Gates outraged over Trump’s Planned Parenthood cuts

February 22nd, 2017, by

When President Donald Trump signed an executive order reinstating Mexico City Policy — defunding international abortion efforts, like those of Planned Parenthood — it garnered quite a lot of approval and many Americans were excited by the turning of the tide. When former president Barack Obama took office, he swiftly took action to overturn the policy, ensuring that international abortion businesses could receive federal funding.

Obama’s choice to repeal Mexico City Policy was not favorable among most Americans: a mere 35 percent approved of the action. That means a sound majority did not approve of it being revoked. And yet, our new president has been awash with criticism from the Left for his choice to support what most Americans believe in.

One of these critics is none other than Bill Gates, famous for Microsoft, infamous for his advocacy of global depopulation. According to Gates, reinstating Mexico City Policy will have catastrophic effects that will endanger the lives of millions of women and unborn children. Of course, given his penchant for reducing the world’s population, one must wonder if his intent is truly as altruistic as he tries to make it seem.

Life News suggests that millions more women and children are harmed or killed during abortion procedures, and notes that Gates’ concerns for these people are nothing short of ironic.

The executive order to revive Mexico City Policy merely prevents taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortion procedures and promotion overseas. The order does not, however, stop international aid for other health care and humanitarian causes. It simply stops the money from subsidizing abortions in other countries.

Gates and his wife Melinda have openly complained that the policy puts a stop to money flowing to the international division of Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International. He has even told The Guardian that the cessation of funds to these organizations could “create a void that even a foundation like ours can’t fill.”

“We’re concerned that this shift could impact millions of women and girls around the world. It’s likely to have a negative effect on a broad range of health programs that provide lifesaving treatment and prevention options to those most in need,” Melinda Gates commented. Melinda Gates went on to describe a host of health conditions not related to abortion that she believes will somehow be impacted by the cessation of government funds being given to abortion businesses. However, this assumption seems to neglect the fact that Planned Parenthood rarely provides anything other than abortions.

In a fine case of fear-mongering, Melinda Gates alleges that defunding international abortion will also put a stop to treatment and prevention of HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis — which is simply untrue. Planned Parenthood does not offer standard medical care: they deal only with abortion-related care and provide contraceptives, according to the Planned Parenthood Global website. Marie Stopes International also strictly provides abortions, post-abortion care and contraception. These are not healthcare organizations — they are abortion outlets.

Melinda Gates does not outright say that these organizations provide actual health care, but she certainly alluded to it. And perpetuating a myth, such as the idea that abortion facilities will provide medical care for infectious diseases like malaria, shows how far they will go to push their agenda.


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Lomatium Root: Possibly the Best Anti-Viral

The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of Lomatium dissectum have attracted the interest of herbalists and Naturopathic physicians who are utilizing it in the treatment of today’s most difficult viral diseases. It may be part of a protocol in the treatment of Hepatitis-C, Influenza, HIV, AIDS, Chronic-fatigue, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Herpes simplex, Sinusitis, and common Colds.

The root of the Lomatium dissectum plant is a natural medicine with extensive traditional use by the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest and Northern Nevada where it grows. It was used primarily for upper respiratory infections, although a great many other uses have been noted. When the influenza epidemic hit Northern Nevada in 1918, Ernst Krebs MD of Carson City was surprised to see the local Washoe people recovering, and he inquired as to their medicine. They called it “Toh-sa” or “Do-sa”. Dr. Krebs called it Balsamea, due to its biting odor of balsamic resins. Botanists named it Leptotaenia dissecta until 1942 when it was renamed Lomatium dissectum, a slightly different classification. One of the many Lomatium species is often called “Biscuit-root”, as the pulp was pounded into cakes. Its large taproot and its kinship with common carrots, also gave it the name “Indian Carrot”.


(Lomatium dissectum)
extracted by tincture in food grade alcohol

Antiviral / Expectorant / Intestinal and Urinary Antiseptic / Diaphoretic / Diuretic

Plant Name:
The botanical name was changed in 1942 by Matthias and Constance, from Leptotaenia dissecta to Lomatium dissectum.

Plant Description:
Lomatium dissectum is the most robust of the desert parsley. This fern-leafed variety is highly variable and has a wide range. It grows as much as four feet tall, making it the tallest of the Lomatium. The leaves, mostly basal, are large and divided into many segments. The multiple umbels develop on a long, leafless stalk, with early spring flowers that vary in color from deep purple (nearly black) to pale yellow. The starchy edible roots have been a traditional North American food eaten cooked or dried and ground into flour. This variety of the plant most frequently grows in rocky habitats, particularly on talus slopes, native to western North America.

Constituents – Chemicals & Nutrients:
essential oil, tetronic acid, luteolin, gums, resin, glycosides, furocoumarins, pyronocoumarins, saponins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), columbianetin, columbianin, coumarin derivatives, luvangetin, protein, tannins

Antibacterial, anticoagulant (possible), antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, (Candidia albicans, Clostridium (5 strains), Corynebacterium diptherium, Diplococcus pneumonia, E. coli, Hemophilus influenza, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Neisseria gonorrhea, Proteus vulgaris, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, Shigella (3 strains), Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes), antiseptic, antiviral (DNA and RNA viruses), expectorant, immunostimulant, tonic

Asthma, bacterial infection, bronchitis, candidiasis (douche), chronic fatigue syndrome, common cold, congestion, cough, cuts (topical), cytomegalovirus, distemper, Epstein-Barr virus, gardnerella infections, gastroenteritis, hay fever, herpes simplex, HIV, influenza, leukocytosis, lymphangitis, mononucelosis, pharyngitis (early stages), pneumonia, respiratory tract infection, rheumatism, shigellosis, skin infections (topical), sore throat (gargle), sores (topical), stomatitis (topical), tonsillitis (early stages), urinary tract infection, vaginal infections (douche), viral infections

To use as an antiviral treatment for flu type symptoms take 1/4 tsp every 3 to 4 hours for 5 days in 1 cup of hot water. Keep track on a dosing chart. Optionally combine with Elderberry (antiviral daily tonic) and Gumweed (swollen lymph nodes).

The resin fraction occasionally causes a whole-body rash in some people with most reporting that the rash disappears in 6 to 24 hours after dosing has ended. Another set of constituents, known as coumarins, may also contribute to the onset of the rash. Because there is limited information about effects on a fetus, do not take while pregnant.

Drug Interactions:
Lomatium has been reported to potentiate (intensify the effects of) two groups of drugs, anticoagulants (blood thinners) and immunostimulants (drugs given to boost the immune system).

Research Review:
• Lomatium inhibits HIV replication, and is suppressive during acute HIV-1 infections.110
• Lomatium constituents shown to have significant antiviral activity.111
• Thuja induces CD4+ fraction of human peripheral blood T-cell subset, as well as IL-1 beta, IL-2, IL-3, IL-6, gamma-IFN, G-CSF, GM-CSF and TNF-(3 production.112 Silymarin (in milk thistle and artichoke) Dosage: 160 mg t.i.d.”

Historical Notation:
(Antiviral Activity) Lomatium dissectum is “a powerful antiviral plant used by Native Americans to survive the 1918 influenza epidemic may prove to be a strong modern-day cold and flu remedy” according to a report from the University of California. The root’s anti-viral action is combined with a respiratory clearing action that is especially useful for dealing with the secondary infections caused by many strains of influenza.


Lomatium Root (Lomatium dissectum, formerly Leptotaenia dissecta syn. multfida)OTHER NAMES: Fernleaf Biscuitroot, Desert Parsley, Indian Parsnip, Toza Root

Lomatium may very well be the best antiviral we have. It’s certainly the best and strongest I’ve ever used both topically and internally, and especially for the lungs. So why haven’t you heard of it?

Lomatium was highly regarded by the Native American peoples of the high plateaus of the Pacific Northwest, who used it as a primary herb for all sorts of infections and lung ailments. Unfortunately, by the time that white settlers were making inroads in the region, medical science had already “advanced” past the stage where they believed there was anything left to learn from native peoples about native plants. Sure, frontier medicine might do in a pinch. But modern, official, civilized medicine (i.e. purgative, cathartics, and electroshock) was to be preferred.

We’re still feeling the repercussions of this bias. Look at the shelves of your local natural product store: almost every major American drug plant in commerce is either an East Coast native (Goldenseal, Cranberry, Willow, Slippery Elm), developed by European scientists (Echinacea, Black Cohosh, Saw Palmetto), or recreational (Coffee, Tobacco, Marijuana). Only now are we really beginning to look at our vast Western pharmacopeia.

In retrospect, we could have looked a lot sooner. And it’s not like we didn’t have clues. Back in 1920, a young physician named Ernst Krebs published an account of his experience with Lomatium in the Bulletin of the Nevada State Board of Health. Krebs had been assigned by the Indian Bureau to the Washoe reservation, and he was there when the Spanish flu hit. (The so-called Spanish flu was an avian strain that killed more than 500,000 Americans, and between 20 and 100 million worldwide):

“…Whether a coincidence or not, there was not a single death in the Washoe tribe from influenza or its complications, although Indians living in other parts of the State where the root did not grow died in numbers. It was such a remarkable coincidence that a practicing physician who saw apparently hopeless cases recover without any other medication or care of any kind investigated the root. A preparation was prepared and employed in a great many cases among the whites, from the mildest to the most virulent types of influenza, and it proved, among other things, that it is the nearest approach we have today to a specific in epidemic influenza and the accompanying pneumonia… Other physicians were induced to give it a trial, with the same results. It is beyond the experimental stage, as its therapeutic action in this direction is established and beyond any doubt. The cases in which it has been used run into the hundreds. There is probably no therapeutic agent so valuable in the treatment of influenzal pneumonia.”

Too good to be true? Well, we have no reason to doubt him. (Contrary to popular belief, this is not the Ernst T. Krebs Jr. who would later get all quack-y claiming he could cure cancer with “vitamin B17.”) But his account was published, and then, seemingly, ignored.

The next we hear of Lomatium is from a researcher named Percy Train who was sent to Nevada by the U.S. government to screen local plants for potential drug development. He spent six years there, starting in the mid 1930s, and found nothing that even touched Lomatium for sheer germ-killing firepower. In the words of the late, great herbalist Michael Moore, “It killed just about every microbe his research group tested it against, and you could douse rats in it without hurting them.”

Train published his book in 1941. Once again, published, then ignored.

Fast forward to today. Lomatium is still virtually unknown, and there still isn’t a shred of formal research on it.  There isn’t a marketing push.  Nobody has ever gotten on the Oprah Show to tout it.

But the plant has had two strong advocates: the great naturopathic doctor, John Bastyr; and the great herbalist, Michael Moore.  It’s because of these two men, I believe, that the knowledge of Lomatium is still alive today.  Most everyone who uses Lomatium now can trace their knowledge back to either Moore or Bastyr, either directly, or indirectly, through one of their thousands of students.

And now, finally, the word is just beginning to get out, as fears about modern-day H1N1 have begun prompting people to look for solutions.

Bird flu, swine flu, three-toed sloth flu I don’t care. Lomatium shines in viral infections, period. I’ve been using it for over a decade, and I’ve never met a viral infection where it hasn’t at least made a dent. Even in infections where I didn’t expect it to work for example a friend with Hep C, who took Lomatium on the advice of a naturopathic doctor, and saw her viral load plummet it’s worked.  In Chronic Fatigue with a (presumed) viral component, it’s worked.  In shingles, it’s worked.  Michael Moore suggests using it for what he calls the “slow viruses”: HPV, Mono, Hep C, CMV, and (he suggests tentatively) HIV.

But Lomatium seems to specialize in viruses of the respiratory tract. Many of the plant’s antiviral compounds are excreted out through the mucosa of the lungs. So on their way out the body, they end up exactly where they’re needed. First, they thin congested, boggy mucous and work as a mild expectorant.  But again, we come back to where Lomatium shines: as a stone cold germ-killer. For deep lung infections, I have found nothing that can match our modest little Biscuitroot. And if you’re one of those people whose every little sniffle or sneeze ends up sinking its claws into your chest, Lomatium is invaluable at the first sign. It can still be effective after an infection has already established itself.

Lomatium is also useful topically. For example, if you’re dealing with a wart, try soaking the pad of a band-aid in the standard tincture of Lomatium, and apply it over the area before going to bed. You ought to see shrinkage in 4-5 days.

Suppositories made with Lomatium, Western Red Cedar, and vitamin A are a standard naturopathic protocol in viral infections of the cervix, although I have no direct experience here.

SAFETY: Lomatium may cause a skin rash in as many as 1% of the people who take it.  I’ve given Lomatium or Lomatium-containing products to close to 1,000 people, and I’ve heard of the rash four times. One was a woman who got it on her arms after taking Lomatium for a few days. She stopped taking the herb, and the rash went away a few days later. Another woman got a very mild rash on her neck, and continued taking the Lomatium because it was working so well. She just wore a turtleneck. The third woman got a head-to-toe rash and checked into the ER for some strong suppressive anti-inflammatories.  Finally, I just heard this week of someone who took my Lomatium-containing cold’n’flu formula who saw a mild rash develop a few days in.  The rash went away in a few days by itself.

There’s some debate in the medical herbalism community as to what causes the rash, and how to avoid it. Some say it depends on how the medicine is prepared. Lomatium is very rich in resins, they say, and there’s foam that should be skimmed from the top when you’re preparing it. Others cite Michael Moore’s take on the subject, which is that it’s not the herb itself, but a detox reaction to metabolic products of viral or bacterial die-off.  He says that in 30 years, he’s never seen the rash in people who take Lomatium along with herbs that support detox.  I’m not sure who I agree with. But, die-off or not, coincidence or not, I’ll say that I’ve only once seen the rash in people taking a good, Lomatium-based formula, with good supportive herbs.

DOSING: I dose Lomatium high, because I use it acutely. 60-90 drops of the tincture, 3-4 times a day.


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Scriptural Review of the News Jan 29 2017

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The Woman Who Exposed Elijah Cummings – YouTube

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Five Illegal Aliens Arrested After Shooting Woman 13 Times, Say Police

Police in George, Washington State, have arrested five illegal aliens wanted in connection with the murder of a woman allegedly shot 13 times.

Investigators with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office working in connection with deputy U.S. Marshalls and the Interagency Narcotics Enforcement (INET) task force arrested five illegal aliens who allegedly murdered Jill Sundberg. The woman had been in an argument with one of the alleged shooters shortly before she was killed, KNDO NBC23 reported.

Sheriff’s officials reported the following arrests:

• Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, and alleged shooter, age 39, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
• Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
• Julio Mendez Villanueva, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
• Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, age 33, been charged with being a material witness along with immigration charges;
• Salvador Espinoz a Gomez, age 24, charged with being a material witness, and possession of a firearm, drug charges, as well as immigration charges.

The Grant County Sheriff confirmed that all five were in the U.S. illegally, KHQ’s Patrick Erickson Tweeted.

Witnesses told police Sundberg was arguing with Rodriguez on the evening of December 21. The report does not disclose what the argument was about. Shortly after the argument, Sundberg was kidnapped and taken to the location where her body was eventually discovered.

“This was an immense collaborative effort between responding agencies,” Sheriff Tom Jones told reporters. “Our sincerest thanks to all and continued prayers to the Sundberg family for their senseless loss.”

The five arrested were seen leaving the RV park where the argument took place. Sundberg’s hands were allegedly being held behind her back by Varona, FiberOne reported.

The suspects and the material witnesses drove her to a rest area alongside a highway, according to the police report. Varona was seen kicking the back of one of her legs, forcing her to the ground. Rodriguez then allegedly shot her at least 13 times in the head.

After shooting the woman, Mendez Villenueva reportedly wrote a note in Spanish on a piece of carboard and placed it on her back. He secured the message in place by stabbing it into her back with a knife, the report obtained by FiberOne revealed.

The group then fled the scene, traveling to a convenience store where they purchased some beer.

The Pacific Northwest has experienced crime from foreign nationals in the past.

Back in 2015, Breitbart Texas’ Editor-in-Chief Brandon Darby reported how a massive methamphetamine drug operation was being run by a Mexican cartel throughout Oregon, California, and Texas. At the time, some 24 suspects were charged with their involvement in the cartel, and many were illegal immigrants.

Sundberg’s body was found on December 22.

Bob Price serves as associate editor and senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas. He is a founding member of the Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @. BobPriceBBTX.

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