Anti-gun Missouri Dem. arrested with 9mm pistol, refuses breathalyzer test

Earlier this week, Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who has sponsored several anti-gun bills, was arrested while protesting in front of the Ferguson Police Department, The Blaze reported Tuesday. What made the arrest interesting is that Nasheed was carrying a 9mm handgun with extra ammunition.

Anti-gun Democrat Jamilah Nasheed arrested with 9mm handgun, ammo.

Anti-gun Democrat Jamilah Nasheed arrested with 9mm handgun, ammo.


Authorities also said Nasheed “smelled strongly of intoxicants.” But Nasheed refused to take a breathalyzer test and maintains she was not intoxicated.

“Sen. Nasheed, along with another male, entered the street, were told numerous times by not only by the St. Louis County commander, but other officers on scene, that they needed to leave the street or they were subject to arrest,” said St. Louis County Police Sgt. Brian Schellman. “They failed to comply, and they were taken into custody.”

The arrest was conducted without incident, CBS St. Louis said. Nasheed, however, chanted as she was taken away. On Tuesday, Nasheed said hers was a “symbolic arrest” to send a “message to the protesters that we can protest peacefully and that we must protest peacefully and that we want justice for Michael Brown.”

But her arrest and news that she was in possession of a firearm brought charges of hypocrisy. According to attorney Eric Vickers, Nasheed needs the gun for her own protection and Nasheed says she holds a concealed carry permit. But if Nasheed had her way, other Missourians would not have the same right.

One bill she pushed, for example, would have required the “parent or guardian of a child who attends a public, private, or charter school shall notify, in writing, the superintendent of the school district, or the governing body of a private school or charter school, that such parent or guardian owns a firearm within thirty calendar days” of enrollment. The NRA has also dubbed several of her bills as “anti-gun,” and a post at Guns Save Lives said Nasheed has voted against several pro-gun bills over the last two years.

Twitchy noted that Vickers organized a demonstration that disrupted traffic and caused accidents on Interstate 70 in September. He also serves as Nasheed’s chief-of-staff.

USA Today said Nasheed refused to pay her $600 bond and sent the night in jail, but was released after an unidentified individual paid it for her. Nasheed, USA Today added, said her gun has not been returned.

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Christian Chapel Owners Were Reportedly Threatened With Jail Time and Fines For Refusing to Marry Gays — and Now They’re Fighting Back

Two ordained ministers have filed a federal lawsuit and are seeking a restraining order that would prevent local officials from forcing them to marry same-sex couples after claiming that they have been threatened with fines and possible jail time over their refusal.

Donald and Evelyn Knapp, owners of Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, are being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal firm, after claiming that city officials told them that they are required under a non-discrimination ordinance to marry gays.

If they do not, the Knapps say that they could “face months in jail and/or thousands of dollars in fines,” according to a press release from Alliance Defending Freedom. The firm says they could reportedly face up to 180 days in jail or $1,000 in fines for each day they refuse.

Alliance Defending Freedom

“Each day the Knapps decline to perform a requested same-sex wedding ceremony, they commit a separate and distinct misdemeanor, subject to the same penalties,” reads the official complaint. “Thus, if the Knapps decline a same-sex wedding ceremony for just one week, they risk going to jail for over 3 years and being fined $7,000.”

An apparent refusal reportedly came last Friday when a man called the chapel just two days after gay marriage was legalized in Idaho to inquire about a same-sex ceremony. The couple declined performing the wedding, essentially placing them in violation of the ordinance; they subsequently filed the lawsuit.

While some might be wondering why ordained ministers are purportedly being forced to marry gay couples, consider that the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, which opened in 1989, is a for-profit business, which means that it is not exempt from local non-discrimination regulations.

That said, the Alliance Defending Freedom claims that Donald and Evelyn Knapp perform religious ceremonies, which include references to God and Bible scripture.

Considering that they are Christian ministers and that their ceremonies are faith-themed, there’s a clear conflict between protecting religious conscience and advancing gay rights.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting back against the reported government mandate, claiming that the couple should not be coerced to take actions that violate their faith.

“The government should not force ordained ministers to act contrary to their faith under threat of jail time and criminal fines,” said Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jeremy Tedesco. “Many have denied that pastors would ever be forced to perform ceremonies that are completely at odds with their faith, but that’s what is happening here — and it’s happened this quickly.”

The couple has been clear in the past that they would rather close up shop than perform same-sex ceremonies.

“I think the Bible is pretty clear that homosexuality is not his way, and therefore I cannot unite people in a way that I believe would conflict with what the Bible teaches,” Donald Knapp told KXLY-TV back in May.

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Connecticut, first state to suspend Constitution over Ebola scare


Even though the first cases of Ebola in the U.S. were in states not located near New York and Washington D.C., it appears the liberal bastion that rules the Northeast corridor of America is having little regard for the Constitution and individual liberties as the state of Connecticut on Oct. 10 has just suspended an important protection from the Bill of Rights, and decreed that anyone even thought to potentially have Ebola will be quarantined and isolated from the rest of society.

We warned a week ago of the various possibilities surrounding an Ebola outbreak in America, and today we get some degree of confirmation of a medical-based martial-law coming to the US. Governor Dan Malloy has declared a Public Health Emergency in Connecticut, authorizing the “isolation of any individual reasonably believed to have been exposed to the Ebola virus.” Simply put, as we noted previously, the State of Public Health Emergency allows bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process – despite not one single case being found in CT. If there is a major Ebola pandemic in America, all of the liberties and the freedoms that you currently enjoy would be gone. – Zerohedge

Connecticult Letter Ebola

Quarantine procedures and isolations are historically used when a health epidemic, or civil unrest, threatens the widespread stability of a state, city, or community.  In fact, the act ofsuspending parts of the Constitution were done in the past by Presidents during times to war, and in current times with the unlawful seizure of property by police departments without due process.

However, the Ebola scare is far from being an epidemic, with to date only one person dying fromthe virus, and with that victim not even being a U.S. citizen.  Compare that to the 36000 who died last year, and on average every year in America from simple influenza, and one has to wonder if the Ebola crisis, like Swine Flue or Avian Flu, is more of a political creation than an actual raging epidemic.

Connecticut has not had any deaths from Ebola yet, nor have they even had any verifiable cases but that is not stopping the state government from suspending their citizens Constitutional rights, and putting the entire population on notice that if you sneeze or cough, you could potentially be arrested, quarantined, and injected with vaccines or drugs you do not give permission for.  And just like the outcry for gun control after a couple of lone incidents at Aurora and Sandy Hook, government’s rush for absolute control in times of any potential crisis is something that proves the lack of leadership residing throughout the country.

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Ebola Is Good for the Vaccine-Pharma Cartel

EBOLA VIRUS EPIDEMIC: Planned In Advance; Release Of Aerosolized Virus And Deaths Would Frighten Americans To Demand Use Of Unproven Vaccines And Drugs

But what if the Ebola virus is spreading rapidly and killing hundreds or even thousands?  The public would likely demand public health officials do something even if available vaccines and drugs are still unproven.

A manufactured outbreak of Ebola would force the issue.  Something would have to be done.  The public outcry for a cure would be deafening.

Was the unfolding Ebola epidemic contrived?

In a revealing report entitled “Ebola is in America – And, Finally, Within Range Of Big Pharma,” the London-based Guardian newspaper tells how the battle against Ebola was pre-planned. [Guardian UK Oct 4, 2014]

It appears an effort to drum up an Ebola virus crisis emanated from publication of a list of neglected diseases by the World Health Organization in 2012.  With the publication of that list, 13 pharmaceutical companies teamed up with the World Health Organization and the Gates Foundation to control or eradicate ten diseases like tuberculosis, river blindness, sleeping sickness and Ebola.

The End Neglected Tropical Diseases Act [US Govt. Printing Office] introduced in Congress this year calls for the US to expand its disease-fighting activities to address international tropical diseases.

Investment houses are paying attention.  “Ebola could be the issue that sends the whole thing snowballing.  You are going to get more industry engagement.  The signs were already positive after the London Declaration on neglected tropic diseases in 2012,” said a Deutsche Bank analyst.  Commercial interests, not disease, are the driving force behind this epidemic.

That analyst also said: “To the extent that these diseases are starting to appear in the US, this will put the issue much more firmly on US companies’ radar.”  Is this why the arrival of a single case of Ebola involving an airline traveler to the US is getting so much attention?

Once US citizens lives are threatened this will justify use of US funds to develop drugs and vaccines that poor countries can’t afford and also pawn the cost of human studies on the American public rather than pharmaceutical or vaccine makers.  This will save billions of research and development dollars for the vaccine and drug companies.

And apparently both sides will profit.  It is difficult to fathom that agencies purported to promote public health hold patents on varieties of deadly viruses like Ebola. [US Patent publication number US20120251502A1]  One begins to wonder what business these public agencies are in – profiteering or health?

So the unprecedented Ebola virus outbreak occurs right on time, based upon questionable diagnostic tests to count up the numbers needed to gain world attention.

An article in Forbes Magazine says the Ebola epidemic has silenced critics of Big Pharma, especially “innovator” drug companies that have been criticized for using patents to produce over-priced drugs beyond the affordability of many countries with exotic tropical diseases.

Now, says the Forbes article, “with the tragic outbreak and ominous spread of the Ebola virus, the whole world seems to be knocking at the drug companies’ doors hoping they will devise some way to prevent or cure Ebola.”  [ Sept 11, 2014] But has the whole Ebola epidemic been contrived?

The next step is to involve the American public in the drama.  [Guardian UK Oct 4, 2014]  It’s beginning to sound more and more like the Ebola epidemic was pre-arranged.

Research into tropical diseases is chronically neglected, but the horror of it is the modern effort to quell this epidemic may be worse than the disease itself.

Is Ebola an aerosol weapon?

While public health authorities are saying only direct contact with the virus via body fluids serve as a vector to transmit Ebola from person to person, animal studies in the laboratory say otherwise.  A published report says: “At the very least, the potential exists for aerosol transmission, given that virus is detected in bodily secretions, the pulmonary alveolar interstitial cells, and within lung spaces.” [Viruses Oct 15, 2012]

Unsurprisingly, Ebola virus and the whole class of filoviruses which includes the Marburg virus are characterized as potential bioweapons making the list of the CDC’s Category-A Bioterrorism Agents.

Ebola is described as being “relatively stable in aerosols” and can remain present on surfaces for extended periods of time.  Tests were performed on monkeys to show that aerosolized Ebola, especially under low temperature and humid conditions, can result in increased body temperatures (a fever) beginning 4-5 days following initial exposure.  This shocking report shows that infectious disease experts have already pre-tested Ebola as a bioweapon – and here is the key part of the report – “as a foundation for testing vaccines and therapeutics.”

The tests were conducted in 2012 by investigators at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland [Viruses Oct 15, 2012] the very same bioweapons center where an engineered anthrax bacterium was genetically traced back to in the crisis following the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  A similar test was performed by scientists at the same military bioweapons center in 1995. [International Journal Experimental Pathology Aug 1995]

It appears the heightened outbreak of Ebola in Central Africa actually emanated from cutbacks in public health funds directed toward control of the disease, not from the disease mutating into a more virulent form. [British Medical Journal Oct 2, 2014; Nature Oct 1, 2014]   Was this pre-planned?

A shortage of doctors in regions of Central Africa has also been blamed on the spread of Ebola. []

Interestingly, two drug/vaccine makers developing therapeutic agents against the Ebola virus receive funding, not from the Centers For Disease Control, not from the National Institutes of Health, not from the World Health Organization, but from the US Department of Defense which has pre-tested Ebola in the animal lab as a terrorist bioweapon, not as a preventive vaccine.  [CDC Aug 29, 2014]

Professor exposes the plot

In an outspoken article published in The Liberian Observer by Dr. Cyril Broderick, a former professor of plant pathology at the University of Liberia’s College of Agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry and the US Department of Defense are fingered as conspirators in a plot to intentionally spread Ebola to provoke public demand to use unproven vaccines and drug as rescue remedies.

Professor Broderick notes reports that the US Department of Defense funded Ebola trials on humans just prior to the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone.  In his letter addressed to all “world citizens,” Professor Broderick pleads for everyone to “please stand up to stop Ebola testing and the spread of this dastardly disease.”  [Liberian Observer Sept 9, 2014]

Malnutrition as another cause

As millions of people around the world die of preventable infectious disease due to malnutrition (PLoS Medicine May 2007] public health authorities now focus their efforts on a single transmissible disease that kills an average about 40 people a year – the Ebola virus.

Stop the world – for Ebola

Inflating the priority of their own interests, over 40 public health officials and infectious disease specialists have written an open letter to European governments, locked up in a financial crisis of their own, to stop everything and “urge governments to mobilize all possible resources” in the control of “this horrific epidemic.” [The Lancet Oct 4, 2014]

Stopping Ebola has now become a worldwide priority even though it has been confined to Central and West Africa for decades.  United Nations health officials describe it as “likely the greatest peacetime challenge the United Nations has ever faced.” [LA Times, Sept 18, 2014]

The discoverer of the Ebola virus, Peter Piot, says “In 1976 I discovered Ebola – now I fear an unimaginable tragedy.” [Guardian UK Oct 4, 2014]

For unexplained reasons this outbreak of the Ebola virus is said to be far greater than prior regional epidemics in 1976 (Sudan, Congo), 1995 (Congo), 2000 (Uganda) and 2007 (Uganda, Congo). [New York Times Oct 7, 2014]  The current Ebola epidemic in Central and West Africa began in December of 2013.

Despite the fact that over the past 38 years since Ebola virus infection was first diagnosed less than 2000 have died from it over that time span, a report issued by National Public Radio says Ebola is currently growing by exponential numbers. [NPR Sept 18, 2014]

So why is Ebola virus being researched at all given its relatively low incidence?  An article published in Canadian Medical Association Journal provides the answer: “Fears that Ebola could be turned into a bio-weapon. A spokesperson for one vaccine maker says: “Were there not a perceived need to protect against an Ebola outbreak being spread around the world as a bioterrorist weapon I don’t think anyone would be3 where we are now.”  Another public health officer says: “If public health need was the absolute driver we would be absolutely nowhere because frankly not too many people were getting sick with Ebola.”  [Canadian Medical Association Journal Oct 2, 2014]

Ironically, the only entity that has the technology and funding to develop a weaponized from of Ebola virus is the US biodefense conglomerate comprised of industry virologists and military bioweapons experts, not any rogue group of terrorists who are likely to kill themselves experimenting with such a deadly virus.  The US has spent $79 billion on so-called biodefense since 2001. [Biosecurity Bioterrorism Sept 2013]

What happened to quarantine?

The lack of quarantine has been criticized widely.  Why does it seem like public health officials are allowing travelers from Africa to travel without a health check?  However, closing borders to quarantine large populations of people may not be practical says an article in Time Magazine.  [Time Magazine Oct 6, 2014]  Yet tried-and-true methods of walling-off Ebola via quarantine and confinement has worked at the Firestone rubber plantation in Liberia.  [Wall Street Journal Oct 6, 2014]  There’s no money in quarantine efforts.

Transmission of Infectious Disease During Air Travel

Getting back to the issue of airborne transmission: Tom Frieden, M.D., Director of Centers for Disease Control, said “at this point there is zero risk of transmission of Ebola on air flight. It does not spread from someone who doesn’t have fever or other symptoms.” [USA Today Oct 1, 2014]  Thirty-eight years of Ebola virus says that statement is true.  But maybe not if the deadly Ebola virus is being purposefully weaponized and instilled into an airplane cabin or airport by a terrorist.  And maybe that terrorist isn’t wearing a towel on his head.  The only organization with the knowledge of how to spread Ebola is the US Department of Defense.

The transmission of viruses during commercial air travel has been demonstrated to be a potential health threat.  [The Lancet March 12, 2005]

Ebola can spread by aerosol transmission and also by direct contact with blood, mucus or other fluids from an infected person. Ebola can cause hemorrhagic fever.  These viruses have long incubation periods, making infected passengers initially symptom-free and unaware that they are infected at the time of travel even though they can spread a disease by droplet transmission. These droplets are created by infected persons when they cough, sneeze or speak and the droplets are propelled up to 3 feet and deposited on a susceptible host’s eyes or mucous membranes. Other infectious diseases that can be transmitted during air flight: Tuberculosis, SARS, the common cold, influenza, meningococcal disease, measles, Salmonella, Cholera, smallpox, and others.  So Ebola is not completely removed from the list of transmissible disease during air flight.  It has been widely reported that 35 countries are one air flight away from Ebola-affected countries. [Quartz July 30, 2014]

A disturbing report describes a laboratory where Ebola-infected pigs were placed in a room with monkeys separated by a wire barrier from monkeys, yet the monkeys got sick even though there was no contact with blood, tears, sweat or other airborne vectors. [Scientific Reports Nov 2012]

Way back in 1999 in the Journal of Infectious Diseases researchers working for the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) reported on a scary outbreak of Ebola virus in the Congo.  Some hospital visitors who did not come in contact with Ebola-infected patients came down with hemorrhagic fever.  These researchers concluded that casual contacts might spawn future epidemics. [Journal Infectious Disease Feb 1999]

Another frightening report was published in 1992 showing that Ebola virus among lab animals (monkeys) spread to other animals despite discontinuation of all direct contact with other animals and  handlers of animals developed antibodies to the virus, meaning it had spread to humans! [Lab Animal Science April 1992] This suggests the virus can escape from the animal lab to humans though it also suggests it did not emanate into full-blown hemorrhagic disease in animal handlers in a well-fed population (Virginia, USA).

Ebola: the comparable risk

The viral infection is said to be incurable because there are no proven drugs or vaccines for it and it has a high mortality rate, over 50%. [World Health Organization Sept 2014] So the fear factor associated with Ebola outranks the pervasiveness of other more prevalent diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.

For comparison, a worldwide infectious disease threat like the flu has a mortality rate ranging from 9-20 per 100,000 in a well-nourished US population which includes pneumonia (data published 2013) which is a mortality rate of less than one-tenth of one percent.  [Kaiser Family Foundation]  That is why Ebola virus is so dreaded.

Americans have a 2000-times greater chance of developing malaria [CDC] and a 500-times greater risk from dying from tuberculosis [CDC 2013] than they do Ebola but a survey reveals 40% of Americans believe there will be a large outbreak of Ebola virus in the U.S.  But that same news report says the fear of Ebola “is not even close to the actual reality” and that an individual’s chance of getting Ebola in the developed world are “virtually zero.” [NBC News Aug 26, 2014]

News media doubletalk

The news media actually dismisses itself for fomenting this unfounded fear.  “Well, it might be our fault.  Us, as in the news media” says a NBC report which quotes a risk communication expert to say the ongoing Ebola drama is “better than a zombie movie” with all of its mental pictures of blood pouring out of a hemorrhaging victim.  The news media whips up the fear and then issues reports asking why is everyone so frightened.  The news media is Big Pharma’s best friend.

Hey, in the news headline business it is well known “if it bleeds it leads.” Even on YouTube: “One drop of Ebola 12 million dead,” already viewed a half-million times online. []

The news media revels in the hype knowing that fear of the spread of the disease attracts more readers and viewers which in turn further heightens the fear.  The world is being drawn into a staged drama.  Only this horror show is not make-believe like Halloween.

And now a CBS News report says there is a fear that some bio-terrorist is going to cross the southern border of the U.S. carrying a vial of Ebola virus [CBS News Oct 6, 2014] and no mention of the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border every day with tuberculosis, whooping cough and hepatitis and enrolling their kids in public schools.  [American Association Physicians & Surgeons June 25, 2014]

The news media is Big Pharma’s best friend

Researchers further exacerbate these misplaced fears knowing research funds for human trials of vaccines and drugs will gain rapid approval and be fast-tracked. [The Economist Sept 13, 2014; New Scientist Sept 9, 2014]

The dead bodies piled high in Central Africa are for sure but most of these deaths are more likely the result of tuberculosis, malaria or Marburg virus.

Since the symptoms of Ebola and malaria are similar, it could be that many of the reported cases of Ebola are nothing more than malaria.  In fact, among two patients placed in isolation in Washington DC-area hospitals, 1 had malaria.

As of October 1 the CDC had looked into 100 Ebola scares in 33 states and tested the blood of 15 possible Ebola patients and found only one patient who tested positive, the Liberian man who flew from Africa to Texas and was infected prior to his visit to the US. [WJLA-TV ABC News Affiliate Oct 4, 2014]  He has now succumbed to the virus.

Misdiagnosis of Ebola

The confirmation of a diagnosis of Ebola is very specious.

The Centers For Disease Control publishes a list of diagnostic tests for Ebola.  []   Definitive diagnosis rests on isolation of the virus by means of tissue culture in a lab dish or a sophisticated test known as reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay.

However, isolation of Ebola virus in tissue culture is a high-risk procedure that can be performed safely only in a few high-containment laboratories throughout the world.  [MedScape]

Furthermore, reporter Jon Rappoport in his excellent interview of the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, quotes Mullis to say:  “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron.” [Jon Rappoport] PCR testing produces questionable diagnoses.

Diagnosis of this viral disease is also confirmed by indirect blood markers (elevated interleukin-6 or tumor necrosis factor – IL-6 and TNF) that are commonly elevated in other diseases as well.  Malaria also increases IL-6 and TNF.  [Malaria Journal Aug 16, 2014]

Meanwhile a company in Japan is said to have developed a quicker Ebola test that within 30 minutes will diagnose this deadly virus. [ Sept 2, 2014]

Why has Ebola spread outside its geographical center?

In 38 years since the discovery of the Ebola virus in Central Africa this disease has never escaped its equatorial geographic zone but we are now led to believe it has killed more inside of a year than the prior 3+ decades and has escaped from Africa via airline travel to become a global health threat.

Ebola is now being called an inevitable transcontinental pandemic based upon two cases (a nurse who cared for an Ebola patient in Spain and an infected man who flew from Africa to Texas), as if this never happened before.  In 38 years no one with Ebola virus in their bloodstream has ever traveled by air to a foreign land?  News reports now say Ebola will spread from West Africa to France and beyond within days. [Daily Mail UK Oct 5, 2014]  This is absurd.

Experimental vaccines proven long ago

Effective Ebola vaccines are not new.  Experimental vaccines were shown in 1980, 2000 and 2001 to be effective against Ebola virus in monkeys. [Lancet Dec 13, 1980; Nature Nov 30, 2000; Bulletin World Health Organization Nov 5, 2001]  But just how do you prove them safe and effective in human trials?

The problem is that vaccines are a little bit of the disease itself.  They may cause vaccine-induced disease since they contain a weakened form of Ebola virus or segment of the virus.  Vaccination with an unproven vaccine could result in a horrific outbreak of deadly Ebola, worse than the Ebola virus in a given population.   That is the risk posed by these vaccines.

For example, if you live in Africa the threat of polio from the polio vaccine is now greater than the polio virus in circulation. [Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report March 23, 2012; Weekly Epidemiological Record, WHO, Vol. 87, No. 38, 2012]

Oddly, over a decade ago an “extremely promising” experimental DNA Ebola virus vaccine was reportedly tested in humans using modified, inactivated genes.  [New York Times Nov 19, 2003]  This appears to be the same vaccine that was declared safe and effective in a human trial among healthy (non-infected) adults in 2006.  [Clinical & Vaccine Immunology Nov 2006]  The developer of that vaccine worked for the federal government’s Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health and a decade later accepted a position with a major pharmaceutical firm just about the same time the Big Pharma joined forces with the World Health Organization to tackle ten neglected tropical diseases. [ Nov 15, 2012] This move reflects the revolving door between government and commercial enterprise.

Remember, efforts to quell the Ebola virus are to prevent just 40 deaths a year.  It’s possible the vaccine could cause more disease and death than the natural disease.  It’s more likely that efforts to improve nutrition and public hygiene would be more successful than mass vaccination.  But don’t mention that to Wall Street that is banking on the stocks of vaccine makers to soar now.  [The Motley Fool Oct 1, 2014]

Maybe you vaccinate and end up killing millions.  Just like old drugs that have been found to work better than newer ones, maybe the newer vaccines are just versions of older serums being conjured up to develop patentable profits.

Natural immunity

Public health officials claim a person may have Ebola virus in their blood but it is only when it produces symptoms that it is contagious.  [WebMD Oct 6, 2014]  There is some truth to this as apparently some people have Ebola virus in their blood circulation but don’t develop symptoms.

In fact, since the year 2000 it has been reported that some people infected with the Ebola virus do not develop symptoms. [New York Times June 26, 2000]  This means they have developed antibodies to ward off the disease or their immune system blunts the symptoms.  So it cannot be said that humans do not develop natural immunity to Ebola.

A surprisingly high proportion of the population in the African country of Gabon appear to exhibit immunity from Ebola.  There are healthy carriers of Ebola in Gabon. It is suspected that bats are a source of food for some Africans and may facilitate a low-dose exposure of Ebola to the immune system among people in Gabon. [Research Institute For Development Jan 2010]  This means the human immune system is capable of warding off the disease even without a vaccine.


It would be critically important for a successful trial of a drug or vaccine, forced onto the marketplace under the active threat of a pandemic, that no other alternatives be available.  Plant-derived nutraceuticals have been proposed but remain untested.  Nutraceuticals are inexpensive to produce and therefore can be used in developing countries.  Natural remedies for Ebola have been mentioned.  [Biotechnology Journal Oct 2013]

The dietary supplement industry jumps on the bandwagon to sell its nostrums saying its herbs and vitamins prevent or cure the disease (and they do) while public health authorities say natural remedies are unproven and to wait and let people needlessly die till drug and vaccine manufacturers come up with their own elixirs.

The Food & Drug Administration has been quick to warn consumers away from any natural remedies for Ebola.  []  In response the dietary supplement industry cowers and responds to the FDA by saying it discourages use of dietary supplements for nutritional support in the face of Ebola virus when natural products are the only alternative in a health crisis such as this. [New Hope Oct 7, 2014]

There’s no vaccine.  There’s no medicine.  But good God, don’t dare try to use any natural remedies until we have some!

The illogic of the argument against natural remedies doesn’t hold.  While it will be said that herbal remedies are unproven, what is being offered are existing or developmental drugs that will be used on an off-label or purely experimental basis. [PLoS One April 5, 2013; Wall St. Journal Oct 18, 2011]

Recognize, in a public health crisis there is no way public stockpiles of vaccines or antibiotics could possibly meet public demand.  While public health authorities will likely warn the public away from natural remedies, they may be the only hope for the masses.

If there were a drug that worked to eradicate Ebola virus one should use it.  However, there is no such drug or vaccine.  It is a proven fact that malnutrition is linked to viral infections like Ebola.  The typical seasonal shortage of food running from June through September in central Africa is a possible reason why the current Ebola virus outbreak has reached unprecedented levels.  [Washington Post Sept 16, 2014]

In the midst of this Ebola outbreak public health authorities should be thinking “nutrition.”  Instead they are thinking “vaccine deficiency,” “drug deficiency,” and how to raise the stock price of developmental drug and vaccine companies.

Ebola and vitamin C

It has been said that Ebola virus infection produces many of the same symptoms as scurvy, particularly internal hemorrhages.  Most animals except fruit bats, guinea pigs and primate monkeys internally produce their own vitamin C.  It may not be a coincidence that fruit bats, primate monkeys and humans are the primary at-risk species for Ebola virus.

Fruit bats are considered a vector for transmission of Ebola, which further points to depletion of vitamin C as a factor in acquired infection.  Monkeys also have been found to harbor Ebola virus, again pointing to vitamin C deficiency as a virulence factor.  [Developmental Biology May 14, 2013; Biochemical Genetics June 2013]  In fact, with each human outbreak of Ebola virus there have been thousands of accompanying deaths of gorillas in the wild in Africa. [Science Dec 8, 2006]

Humans are in the same genetic predicament as these animals. Due to a gene mutation that universally affected all of humanity long ago in human history, humans no longer synthesize vitamin C. [Medical Hypotheses June 1979] Supplemental vitamin C may be a primary agent to reduce mortality among individuals with any tropical disease including Ebola.

The Orthomolecular News Service has issued a protocol for dosing of vitamin C for any viral infection.  It calls for mega-dose vitamin C in the active treatment of viruses. [Orthomolecular News Service Aug 20, 2014]

Selenium depletion by Ebola virus

Selenium depletion by Ebola virus has been proposed as an explanation for the massive internal hemorrhaging associated with this infection.  An overlooked fact is that selenium plays a role in blood clotting.  As the Ebola virus replicates it requires more and more selenium proteins thus inducing depletion of selenium from the host.  [Biological Trace Element Research Jan 1997; Journal Orthomolecular Medicine 1995]  Depletion of selenium by Ebola virus induces both an incompetent immune response and rapidly mutated viruses.  When selenium is provided to animals with virus infection mutation rates diminish.  [Biological Trace Element Research Dec 2011]  Zaire where Ebola virus first appeared has low soil levels of selenium.  [Selenium Deficiency]

Estrogen cell receptor and EbolaSee comment in PubMed Commons below

Among the proposed drug targets to quell Ebola is the estrogen receptor. Two estrogen receptor targeted drugs have been proposed but there are natural molecules that block the estrogen receptor, namely from lignans from flaxseed and resveratrol from grapes. [Science Translational Medicine June 19, 2013; Molecular Nutrition Food Research March 2010; ELife April 25, 2014]

Cholesterol and Ebola

Two young children with a genetic cholesterol disorder (Niemann-Pick) where they are unable to produce sufficient amounts of cholesterol to supply cell surfaces have been declared resistant to contracting Ebola.

Department of Defense scientists actually took skin cells donated from kids who have this cholesterol disorder and tried to infect these cells with Ebola virus.  The virus could not enter into the cells.  [Science Daily Aug 24, 2011]

As background, viruses are not live and do not replicate on their own.  Viruses require the genetic machinery of a living cell in order to multiply.

The young twin girls with the cholesterol disorder are also being treated with a common emulsifier used in drugs and dietary supplements that would theoretically block Ebola’s entry into living cells.  Cyclodextrin has been shown to inhibit a respiratory virus. [] Various news reports have mentioned cyclodextrin as a preventive agent against Ebola virus. [Wall Street Journal Oct 18, 2011]

Antioxidant combination

It has recently been reported that the combination of oral resveratrol, beta glucan and vitamin C work synergistically “as the strongest reducer of biological stress-related symptoms including IL-6.” [Molecules Sept 3, 2014] Vitamin D3 not only should be considered a primary anti-Ebola remedy because of its immune-boosting properties but also because it inhibits IL-6 and TNF, two blood markers of Ebola virus. [Age Aug 2014]

Natural anti-malarials

As many malaria-infected individuals are likely to be misdiagnosed as having Ebola, natural anti-malarials are of interest.

An interesting connection between the lost ability to self-heal from malaria and the amino acid taurine has been made.  Mice deficient in taurine do not survive malaria.  Taurine inhibits some of the common blood markers of Ebola virus including IL-6. [Infection Immunity April 2010]

In the animal lab vitamin D has been demonstrated to inhibit the occurrence of experimental cerebral malaria by suppressing the inflammatory response.  [Journal Immunology Aug 1, 2014]

An antioxidant regimen consisting of vitamins C, E and glutathione has been shown to be helpful among patients with malaria. [Pakistan Journal Pharmaceutical Science April 2011]


One of the indirect blood markers used help diagnose Ebola is interleukin-6 (IL-6).  A strong IL-6 inhibitor is the red wine molecule resveratrol (res-vare-a-trol).  Resveratrol also targets the estrogen receptor. [Scripps Institute]  Resveratrol works synergistically with vitamin D to optimize the immune response.  [Molecular Nutrition Food Research March 2014]


A natural remedy that comes to mind that conquers all known viruses is garlic’s key molecule allicin. [Planta Medica Oct 1992]

Modern medicine is derelict in not putting allicin to a test against the Ebola virus.  But Allicin has been successfully tested against malaria which most of the reported cases of Ebola are likely to be in reality.

The scientific literature shows that allicin from fresh-crushed garlic protects against acute malaria infection in laboratory animals. [Malaria Journal Aug 8, 2012] Allicin inhibits the parasite that causes malaria. [Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters Sept 15, 2010]  The primary anti-malarial activity of garlic emanates from allicin. [Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy May 2006]

Be aware, standard garlic pills do not yield allicin due to destruction of the enzyme that activates it by stomach acid.  Alkalinized garlic capsules reliably yield allicin.


The widely reported Ebola outbreak is overstated by health authorities and the news media.  Malnutrition largely explains why Ebola virus has remained uniquely confined to central and western Africa.  If Ebola escapes to other well-fed regions of the world it can only be sustained among those individuals who are immune compromised (smokers, diabetics, alcohol and drug abusers, immune suppressive drug users, infants and the very old).

If there is some sinister plot to intentionally expose the US population or any other human population for that matter to weaponized Ebola virus it will likely be foiled by good nutrition.   Nutrition is to Big Pharma what a ring of garlic cloves is to Dracula.

The only entity that has advanced technology to spread Ebola is the bioweapons division of the US Department of Defense, not some towel-headed bio-terrorist.  That is also where the anthrax bacterium was traced to in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Whether covert government operations exist to intentionally expose the American population to biological threats to put counter terrorist operations to the test will likely never be revealed.  Whatever is going on, a giant mind control operation is currently underway as the current Ebola crisis is a massive fabrication on a worldwide scale.

In January of 2014 a US Depart of Defense-backed vaccine maker commenced a human trial of its Ebola vaccine among healthy adults. [ Jan 2014]  But it needs Ebola-infected individuals to prove its vaccine works in an epidemic.  Why is another major vaccine maker taking the unprecedented step of starting mass production of a vaccine that has also just commenced testing in humans? [ Sept 18, 2014]  All that’s needed for these investments to pay off is an “unexpected” outbreak of hemorrhagic Ebola virus infections to begin on US soil.

Will some overseas bioterrorist self-infect himself and jump on an airplane before a fever begins to develop and skip past airport health checks, then enter martyrdom by infecting others?

Or will the specific strain of Ebola virus be traced back to the US Army bioweapons lab at Ft. Detrick in Maryland like the weaponized anthrax bacterium that was spread through the US mail system and was cunningly directed at news sources (a tabloid paper in South Florida and NBC News in New York) as well as Congressional representatives and then blamed on an eccentric scientist in the laboratory there who had no motive to hush investigative sources who were delving into the events surrounding the 9-11 terrorist attacks?

According to surveys there is a growing body of Americans who believe that an Ebola attack is coming to America.  The question is whether Americans will fall for the idea some lone terrorist inside some biological lab is capable of such a feat or whether a more sinister operation is underway by parties working on a larger scale.  The current evidence points in the latter direction. As the late Dr. Stan Monteith frequently said: “America has the best enemies money can buy.” Can Americans face that truth?  Maybe this time they can’t avoid it.

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Attorney General Greg Abbott Asks Houston City Attorney to Withdraw Subpoenas Seeking Sermons, Other Documents from Houston-area Pastors

October 15, 2014
Press Office at
(512) 463-2050
Attorney General Greg Abbott Asks Houston City Attorney to Withdraw Subpoenas Seeking Sermons, Other Documents from Houston-area Pastors


AUSTIN — Attorney General Abbott today asked that the Houston City Attorney to immediately withdraw the subpoenas sent last month to several Houston-area pastors seeking sermons, notes and other information.

In his letter to the city attorney, Attorney General Abbott said, “Whether you intend it to be so or not, your action is a direct assault on the religious liberty guaranteed by the First Amendment. The people of Houston and their religious leaders must be absolutely secure in the knowledge that their religious affairs are beyond the reach of the government.”

Attorney General Abbott’s letter to Houston City Attorney David Feldman

October 15, 2014

Mr. David Feldman

City Attorney

City of Houston

900 Bagby, 4th Floor

Houston, Texas 77002

Dear Mr. Feldman:

Your office has demanded that four Houston pastors hand over to the city government many of their private papers, including their sermons.  Whether you intend it to be so or not, your action is a direct assault on the religious liberty guaranteed by the First Amendment.  The people of Houston and their religious leaders must be absolutely secure in the knowledge that their religious affairs are beyond the reach of the government.  Nothing short of an immediate reversal by your office will provide that security.  I call on you to withdraw the subpoenas without further delay.

I recognize that the subpoenas arise from litigation related to a petition to repeal an ordinance adopted by the city council.  But the litigation discovery process is not a license for government officials to inquire into religious affairs.  Nor is your office’s desire to vigorously support the ordinance any excuse for these subpoenas.  No matter what public policy is at stake, government officials must exercise the utmost care when our work touches on religious matters.  If we err, it must be on the side of preserving the autonomy of religious institutions and the liberty of religious believers.  Your aggressive and invasive subpoenas show no regard for the very serious First Amendment considerations at stake.

A statement released by the Mayor’s Office claims that the subpoenas were prepared by outside lawyers and that neither you nor Mayor Parker was aware of them before they were issued.  Nevertheless, these lawyers acted in the City’s name, and you are responsible for their actions.  You should immediately instruct your lawyers to withdraw the City’s subpoenas.  Religious institutions and their congregants should never have to worry that a government they disagree with will attempt to interfere in their religious affairs.  Instead of safeguarding that trust, you appear to have given some of the most powerful law firms in Houston free rein to harass and intimidate pastors who oppose City policy.  In good faith, I hope you merely failed to anticipate how inappropriately aggressive your lawyers would be.  Many, however, believe your actions reflect the city government’s hostility to religious beliefs that do not align with ci ty policies.

I urge you to demonstrate the City’s commitment to religious liberty and to true diversity of belief by unilaterally withdrawing these subpoenas immediately.  Your stated intention to wait for further court proceedings falls woefully short of the urgent action needed to reassure the people of Houston that their government respects their freedom of religion and does not punish those who oppose city policies on religious grounds.


Greg Abbott

Attorney General of Texas

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City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons


The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.

“The city’s subpoena of sermons and other pastoral communications is both needless and unprecedented,” Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Christina Holcomb said in a statement. “The city council and its attorneys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions.”

ADF, a nationally-known law firm specializing in religious liberty cases, is representing five Houston pastors. They filed a motion in Harris County court to stop the subpoenas arguing they are “overbroad, unduly burdensome, harassing, and vexatious.”


“Political and social commentary is not a crime,” Holcomb said. “It is protected by the First Amendment.”

The subpoenas are just the latest twist in an ongoing saga over the Houston’s new non-discrimination ordinance. The law, among other things, would allow men to use the ladies room and vice versa.  The city council approved the law in June.

The Houston Chronicle reported opponents of the ordinance launched a petition drive that generated more than 50,000 signatures – far more than the 17,269 needed to put a referendum on the ballot.

However, the city threw out the petition in August over alleged irregularities.

After opponents of the bathroom bill filed a lawsuit the city’s attorneys responded by issuing the subpoenas against the pastors.

The pastors were not part of the lawsuit. However, they were part of a coalition of some 400 Houston-area churches that opposed the ordinance. The churches represent a number of faith groups – from Southern Baptist to non-denominational.

“City council members are supposed to be public servants, not ‘Big Brother’ overlords who will tolerate no dissent or challenge,” said ADF attorney Erik Stanley.  “This is designed to intimidate pastors.”

Mayor Parker will not explain why she wants to inspect the sermons. I contacted City Hall for a comment and received a terse reply from the mayor’s director of communications.

“We don’t comment on litigation,” said Janice Evans.

However, ADF attorney Stanley suspects the mayor wants to publicly shame the ministers. He said he anticipates they will hold up their sermons for public scrutiny. In other words – the city is rummaging for evidence to “out” the pastors as anti-gay bigots.

Among those slapped with a subpoena is Steve Riggle, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church. He was ordered to produce all speeches and sermons related to Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality and gender identity.

The mega-church pastor was also ordered to hand over “all communications with members of your congregation” regarding the non-discrimination law.

“This is an attempt to chill pastors from speaking to the cultural issues of the day,” Riggle told me. “The mayor would like to silence our voice. She’s a bully.”

Rev. Dave Welch, executive director of the Texas Pastor Council, also received a subpoena. He said he will not be intimidated by the mayor.

“We’re not afraid of this bully,” he said. “We’re not intimidated at all.”

He accused the city of violating the law with the subpoenas and vowed to stand firm in the faith.

“We are not going to yield our First Amendment rights,” Welch told me. ‘This is absolutely a complete abuse of authority.”

Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, said pastors around the nation should rally around the Houston ministers.

“The state is breaching the wall of separation between church and state,” Perkins told me. ‘Pastors need to step forward and challenge this across the country. I’d like to see literally thousands of pastors after they read this story begin to challenge government authorities – to dare them to come into their churches and demand their sermons.”

Perkins called the actions by Houston’s mayor “obscene” and said they “should not be tolerated.”

“This is a shot across the bow of the church,” he said.

This is the moment I wrote about in my book, “God Less America.” I predicted that the government would one day try to silence American pastors. I warned that under the guise of “tolerance and diversity” elected officials would attempt to deconstruct religious liberty.

Sadly, that day arrived sooner than even I expected.

Tony Perkins is absolutely right. Now is the time for pastors and people of faith to take a stand.  We must rise up and reject this despicable strong-arm attack on religious liberty. We cannot allow ministers to be intimidated by government thugs.

The pastors I spoke to tell me they will not comply with the subpoena – putting them at risk for a “fine or confinement, or both.”

Heaven forbid that should happen. But if it does, Christians across America should be willing to descend en masse upon Houston and join these brave men of God behind bars.

Pastor Welch compared the culture war skirmish to the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto, fought in present-day Harris County, Texas. It was a decisive battle of the Texas Revolution.

“This is the San Jacinto moment for traditional family,” Welch told me. “This is the place where we stop the LGBT assault on the freedom to practice our faith.”

We can no longer remain silent. We must stand together – because one day – the government might come for your pastor.

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Teenage vandals swarm Brooklyn deli while yelling ‘anti-Semitic’ slurs and destroy $700 worth of ‘candies and cookies’

A group of teenagers vandalized a Brooklyn deli on Saturday night after leaving a raucous party nearby, said police.

Surveillance footage of the event shows the teens storming the entrance of Gourmet Butcher, a deli in crown heights at just after 9pm.

The young vandals can be seen knocking over shelves in the front of the store and grabbing armfuls of candy as they threw storage on the ground.

Gang of teenage vandals swarm deli in Brooklyn

Ambush: Dozens of teens unexpectedly swarmed a Crown Heights deli at around 9pm on Saturday night 

Ambush: Dozens of teens unexpectedly swarmed a Crown Heights deli at around 9 p.m on Saturday night

Vandals: Teens knocked all of the candies and cookies off of the counter and pocketed some as they continued to terrorize the owners at the Gourmet Deli in Crown Heights 

Vandals: Teens knocked all of the candies and cookies off of the counter and pocketed some as they continued to terrorize the owners at the Gourmet Deli in Crown Heights

Destroyed: The teens can be seen in surveillance video knocking over shelves and storage boxes in the small kosher deli in Crown heights where they allegedly destroyed up to $700 worth in merchandise

Destroyed: The teens can be seen in surveillance video knocking over shelves and storage boxes in the small kosher deli in Crown heights where they allegedly destroyed up to $700 worth in merchandise

One employee was able to chase the teens out with a broom.

The ambush was first reported on 

It ‘happened in seconds,’ said deli owner Yanki Klein to

Klien said that the teenagers destroyed between $500 and $700 worth of inventory.

They knocked over, ‘all the candies and cookies,’ he told reporters.

‘I was in shock. I called the police,’ Klein said.

Response: After chasing the teens out with a broom, the owners called the police who are investigating an assault against a 23-year-old and also trying to identify suspects  

Response: After chasing the teens out with a broom, the owners called the police who are investigating an assault against a 23-year-old and also trying to identify suspects

Protection: Spectators then went outside to ensure the teens wouldn't go back into the deli to destroy more candies and cookies inside the popular Brooklyn store 

Protection: Spectators then went outside to ensure the teens wouldn’t go back into the deli to destroy more candies and cookies inside the popular Brooklyn store

Before the attack: Surveillance footage of the store before the teens ambushed shows just how much candy and boxes were on the shelves before the teens stormed inside

Before the attack: Surveillance footage of the store before the teens ambushed shows just how much candy and boxes were on the shelves before the teens stormed inside

Protective: The owner of Gourmet Deli is glad other employees and patrons were there at the time of the attack to stand guard to make sure no more teens try to come back into the deli to destroy mire 

Protective: The owner of Gourmet Deli is glad other employees and patrons were there at the time of the attack to stand guard to make sure no more teens try to come back into the deli to destroy mire

NBC reports that owners at the deli, which is a kosher establishment, say that teenagers have come in before yelling antisemitic language.

Police say that there is no indication that the incident was a hate crime and they are not investigating it as one.

When police responded to a call from the deli one 23-year-old man reported being assaulted.

Police have observed the surveillance footage but haven’t been able to identify any suspects.

‘I don’t want to think how it could end if it there wasn’t a few people in the store,’said Klein to

‘We’re trying to make a living here and it’s very scary to be insecure,’ he said.

Local leaders, including Borough President Eric L. Adams, are planning to hold a news conference today about the attack

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Connecticut declared in state of ‘public health emergency,’ prepares for quarantine

(Source: Participant Media)

HARTFORD, CT — Governor Dannel Malloy has declared Connecticut to be in a state of public health emergency, enabling the indefinite suspension of certain civil rights. State bureaucrats have been granted the broad authority to forcibly detain suspected sick people without due process. The declaration came preemptively, as Connecticut has not yet seen a single case of the virus it purports to stop.

The governor’s October 7th declaration read as follows:

“In response to the epidemic of the Ebola virus currently affecting multiple countries in western Africa, and in order to provide the Commissioner of Public Health and other appropriate officials with all authorities necessary to prevent any potential transmission of the Ebola virus within the State of Connecticut, I hereby declare a public health emergency for the State, pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131a, for the duration of the epidemic. Specifically, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131b, I authorize the Commissioner of Public Health to Order the isolation or quarantine, under conditions prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Health, of any individual or group of individuals whom the Commissioner reasonably believes to have been exposed to, infected with, or otherwise at risk of passing the Ebola virus.”
Governor Dannel P. Malloy, October 7, 2014

Rationalizing his actions, the governor said in a statement: “We need to have the authorities in place that will allow us to move quickly to protect public health, if and when that becomes necessary. Signing this order will allow us to do that.”

The recipient of most of the newly-imparted power is Jewel Mullen, Connecticut’s Commissioner of the Department of Public Health (DPH). By having this measure in place, Commissioner Mullen explained, “we don’t have to scramble in the event I need to take action.”

The actions that authorities might want to “scramble” to use is the forcible quarantine of citizens — without charges or trial.

Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131a spells out the powers that may be used during the state of public health emergency:

“[While] the emergency exists [the state] may do any of the following: (1) Order the commissioner to implement all or a portion of the public health emergency response plan developed pursuant to section 19a-131g; (2) authorize the commissioner to isolate or quarantine persons in accordance with section 19a-131b; (3) order the commissioner to vaccinate persons in accordance with section 19a-131e; or (4) apply for and receive federal assistance.”

As noted above, the Commissioner may issue an order of mass vaccination at his or her own discretion.

Section 19a-131d states that any individual who refuses to comply with any portion of the order may be punished with with fines and imprisonment for up to one (1) year.

Fending off a police state requires constant vigilance against efforts to desecrate civil liberties. As the current scenario has shown us, a climate of fear — fear of disease, terrorism, foreign threats, etc. — makes it all-too easy to suspend constitutional rights with minimal public resistance. Many people actually feel grateful to see the government absorbing greater powers; taken with the promises of keeping them safe.

The state of public health emergency will remain in effect indefinitely until lifted by the governor.

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Border Patrol Agent Slams Feds: “We All Know Who We’ve Captured… You Can’t Keep This Kind Of Information A Secret”

border-fence-AZ(Pictured: Unfinished US-Mexico Border Fence – Arizona)

Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) recently claimed that a high-level Department of Homeland Security official informed him of the capture of at least ten Islamic State terrorists on the Texas-Mexico border. A DHS spokesperson speaking with the New Republic unequivocally denied the Congressman’s claims:

“The suggestion that individuals who have ties to ISIL have been apprehended at the Southwest border is categorically false, and not supported by any credible intelligence or the facts on the ground,” said DHS spokesperson Marsha Catron.

DHS continues to have no credible intelligence to suggest terrorist organizations are actively plotting to cross the southwest border.

But even the Islamic State has said they want to launch attacks directly on American soil and in recent weeks IS public relations arms on social media have urged followers to identify U.S. soldiers, track down their addresses and kill them and their families. Some reports of DHS chatter even suggest that America’s worst fears of a biological attack could be realized if IS militants infect themselves with Ebola or another deadly virus and deliver it to America in live hosts via the southern border.

And while Homeland Security has brushed off such threats and warnings as not credible, the border patrol agents being faced with thousands of undocumented immigrants attempting to cross into the United States daily have a completely different story to tell.

According to one agent who has chosen to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, not only are they seeing scores of disease-ridden individuals being brought into the country, there is a real and present danger that members of terror organizations have already crossed into the United States.

Homeland Security and Obama Administration officials may categorically deny the claims, but this agent insists terrorist organizations are operating in Mexico and he says that he is aware of at least four Islamic State insurgents that have already been detained by the government:

A border patrol agent told the Examiner Wednesday evening that he knew of at least four ISIS insurgents that have been captured this past week.

“There could be more,” he said. “All I know is we (the border patrol agents) know what we see and do, even if the Feds don’t want to acknowledge it.”

“We have stepped up our searches on vehicles, under, over and all-around because we believe they may be trying to bring in explosive bombs and devices,” the agent said.

“Why would we be so cautious if the possibility was not there?”

“We all know who we have captured,” he continued. “As much as they want it quiet, you can’t keep this kind of information a secret very long. We have families here.”

The report comes on the heels of another whistleblower speaking out recently about the seriousness of the threat. In an interview for the documentary Back To The Border, insider Zach Taylor suggests that what’s happening in the south is a controlled event being facilitated by top-level officials.

The problem as I see it… and as apparently CDC, Health and Human Services, and Department of Homeland Security… are trying to make this a controlled situation.

They’re anticipating a large national crisis.

When you see that FEMA is preparing for 200 million deaths in the United States that tells you something.

When you see that the government is controlling the supply of ammunition and that basic medical supplies are in short supply in southern Arizona, something’s wrong.

They are anticipating something drastic.

The official position of the Homeland Security apparatus is that our southern border has never been as protected from external threats as it is today.

That, of course, is laughable, given the fact that literally thousands of migrants from unknown origins are crossing into the United States every single day including those carrying diseases, drug cartel gang members, and Other-Than-Mexican security threats.

It is only a matter of time before some of them sneak in carrying a deadly virus, a dirty bomb or other weapon of mass destruction.

And when that happens we’ll most certainly hear the oft repeated narrative of, “no one could have seen this coming or prepared for it.”

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Why does the CDC own a patent on Ebola ‘invention?’

Injectable-Drugs-Medicine-Vaccine-Bottle-Virus-Vial(NaturalNews) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as “EboBun.” It’s patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010. You can view it here. (Thanks to Natural News readers who found this and brought it to our attention.)

Patent applicants are clearly described on the patent as including:

The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control.

The patent summary says, “The invention provides the isolated human Ebola (hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”; Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) on November 26, 2007 and accorded an accession number 200706291.”

It goes on to state, “The present invention is based upon the isolation and identification of a new human Ebola virus species, EboBun. EboBun was isolated from the patients suffering from hemorrhagic fever in a recent outbreak in Uganda.”

It’s worth noting, by the way, that EboBun is not the same variant currently believed to be circulating in West Africa. Clearly, the CDC needs to expand its patent portfolio to include more strains, and that may very well be why American Ebola victims have been brought to the United States in the first place. Read more below and decide for yourself…

Harvesting Ebola from victims to file patents

From the patent description on the EboBun virus, we know that the U.S. government:

1) Extracts Ebola viruses from patients.

2) Claims to have “invented” that virus.

3) Files for monopoly patent protection on the virus.

To understand why this is happening, you have to first understand what a patent really is and why it exists. A patent is a government-enforced monopoly that is exclusively granted to persons or organizations. It allows that person or organization to exclusively profit from the “invention” or deny others the ability to exploit the invention for their own profit.

It brings up the obvious question here: Why would the U.S. government claim to have “invented” Ebola and then claim an exclusively monopoly over its ownership?

U.S. Government claims exclusive ownership over its “invention” of Ebola

The “SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION” section of the patent document also clearly claims that the U.S. government is claiming “ownership” over all Ebola viruses that share as little as 70% similarity with the Ebola it “invented”:

…invention relates to the isolated EboBun virus that morphologically and phylogenetically relates to known members filoviridae… In another aspect, the invention provides an isolated hEbola EboBun virus comprising a nucleic acid molecule comprising a nucleotide sequence selected from the group consisting of: a) a nucleotide sequence set forth in SEQ ID NO: 1; b) a nucleotide sequence that hybridizes to the sequence set forth in SEQ ID NO: 1 under stringent conditions; and c) a nucleotide sequence that has at least 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, or 99% identity to the SEQ ID NO:

1. In another aspect, the invention provides the complete genomic sequence of the hEbola virus EboBun.

Ebola vaccines and propagation

The CDC patent goes on to explain it specifically claims patent protection on a method for propagating the Ebola virus in host cells as well as treating infected hosts with vaccines:

In another aspect, the invention provides a method for propagating the hEbola virus in host cells comprising infecting the host cells with the inventive isolated hEbola virus described above, culturing the host cells to allow the virus to multiply, and harvesting the resulting virions.

In another aspect, the invention provides vaccine preparations, comprising the inventive hEbola virus, including recombinant and chimeric forms of the virus, nucleic acid molecules comprised by the virus, or protein subunits of the virus. The invention also provides a vaccine formulation comprising a therapeutically or prophylactically effective amount of the inventive hEbola virus described above, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

No medical reason to bring Ebola to the United States

This patent may help explain why Ebola victims are being transported to the United States and put under the medical authority of the CDC. These patients are carrying valuable intellectual property assets in the form of Ebola variants, and the Centers for Disease Control clearly desires to expand its patent portfolio by harvesting, studying and potentially patenting new strains or variants.

Dr. Bob Arnot, an infectious disease specialist who spent time on the ground in developing nations saving lives, recently told Judge Jeanine, “There is no medical reason to bring them here, especially when you see how well Dr. Bradley was.” (2)

There is, however, an entirely different reason to bring Ebola patients to America: so they can be exploited for medical experiments, military bioweapons harvesting or intellectual property claims.

Surely, medical authorities at Emory University and the CDC are working hard to save the lives of the two patients who have been transported to the U.S. But they are also pursuing something else at the same time: an agenda of isolating, identifying and patenting infectious disease agents for reasons that we can only imagine.

Only hoping to save lives?

On one hand, it’s worth pointing out that the CDC’s patent on Ebola is at least partially focused on methods for screening for Ebola and treating Ebola victims with drugs or vaccines. This seems like a worthwhile precaution against an infectious disease that clearly threatens lives.

On the other hand, why the patent? Patenting Ebola seems as odd as trying to patent cancer or diabetes. Why would a government organization claim to have “invented” this infectious disease and then claim a monopoly over its exploitation for commercial use?

Does the CDC hope to collect a royalty on Ebola vaccines? Is it looking to “invent” more variants and patent those too?

Make no mistake that billions of dollars in profits are at stake in all this. Shares of Tekmira surged over 11% last Friday as pressure was placed on the FDA to fast-track Ebola vaccine trials the company has set up. “Health campaigners have started a petition which has already been signed by approximately 15,500 people on pressurizing FDA to approve the drug in the minimum possible time frame,” reports (3)

Carefully scripted medical theater

With this, we start to see the structure of the elaborate medical theater coming together: A global pandemic panic, a government patent, the importation of Ebola into a major U.S. city, an experimental vaccine, the rise of a little-known pharmaceutical company and a public outcry for the FDA to fast-track the vaccine.

If Act II stays on course, this medical theater might someday involve a “laboratory accident” in a U.S. lab, the “escape” of Ebola into the population, and a mandatory nationwide Ebola vaccination campaign that enriches Tekmira and its investors while positioning the CDC with its virus patents as the “savior of the American people.”

Yes, we’ve heard this music before, but the last time around it was called Swine Flu.

The formula is always the same: create alarm, bring a vaccine to market, then scare governments into buying billions of dollars worth of vaccines they don’t need.

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