Antidepressants in America are causing suicide rates to soar, especially among young women

Antidepressant use

(NaturalNews) New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a significant jump in the suicide rate in America in the years from 1999 to 2014. The rise has been particularly sharp among women and girls. Is it any coincidence that the percentage of Americans who take antidepressants nearly doubled during the same period?

Some parties with vested interests in Big Pharma are trying to blame this increase on the “black box” warning labels that were introduced by the FDA in 2004. These labels warn that the drugs increase the suicide risk in young adults and children, and some people are saying that these warnings are scaring people away from taking antidepressants and that is the real cause of the rise in suicide.

However, it’s important to take a look at exactly who is saying this. For example, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)’s Christine Moutier has not been shy about blaming the warnings for suicides. Her motivation is clear: Her organization, the AFSP, has financial and other connections to pharmaceutical companies, a fact that was not disclosed when CNN quoted her criticism of the labels in a recent piece.

Antidepressant use nearly doubled

Research simply does not support the theory that the warning labels are reducing antidepressant use. In fact, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey shows that antidepressant use jumped from 6.8 percent to 13 percent from 1999 to 2012.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) set out new guidelines suggesting that teens and children who suffer from depression should start any antidepressants at a low dose after the FDA’s warning. Nevertheless, 60 percent of children are still starting SSRIs at a higher dose than recommended, according to data from the LifeLink Health Plan Claims Database. They also found that around a quarter of children who started out on a low dose of antidepressants had increased their dosage by the second prescription.

Women more vulnerable than men

Recent suicide risk data shows that suicide rates in women have jumped by 45 percent, while male suicide has gone up by 16 percent. Twenty-five percent of American women in their 40s and 50s take an antidepressant, with women being 2.5 times more likely to turn to these drugs than men.

According to research published in JAMA Psychiatry, antidepressants are simply not more effective than therapy when it comes to moderate or severe depression. In addition, cognitive therapy has been shown to decrease suicide attempts by as much as half. Yet the American Psychiatric Association persists in suggesting that medication is the preferred course of treatment for moderate to severe depression. Why? That’s where the money is!

A recent review in the British Medical Journal showed that antidepressants increased the risk of suicide and aggressive behaviors across all age groups, and in those under the age of 18 in particular. Despite claims to the contrary that are often made by drug manufacturers, the risks of these medications are staggering, with those under 18 having a doubled risk of suicide. The problem is that drug makers hide the most incriminating data from regulators, leading to a “serious underestimation of the harms” linked to these drugs.

The lead author of that study, Professor Peter Gotzsche, said: “Antidepressants don’t work in children, that is pretty clear. In the randomized trials, children say that they don’t work for them, but they increase their risk of suicide.”

He said that the actions of Big Pharma is this regard are unsettling: “What I get out of this colossal under-reporting of suicides is that [antidepressants] likely increase suicides in all ages. … It is absolutely horrendous that they have such disregard for human lives.”

In fact, Eli Lilly is said to have removed drug-induced attempted suicides and suicides in around 90 percent of its trials, instead blaming the suicides on “worsening of depression” or “emotional instability.”

It is also worth noting that a number of the recent, highly-publicized mass shootings have been linked to antidepressant use.

What is driving the rise in depression?

While the causes of depression are extremely complex, there are a lot of lifestyle factors that can play a role. For example, a study from University College London found that people who ate diets rich in whole foods such as vegetables, fruits and lean protein were 26 percent less likely to be depressed, while those who regularly ate processed meat, fried food and refined grains were 58 percent more likely to have clinical depression.

A lack of exercise, being disconnected from nature, heavy metal toxicity and focusing on consumerism are also linked with depression. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can be just as good for your mental health as your physical health!

Sources include:

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CDC forced to reveal documents proving Thimerosal vaccine preservative causes autism


(NaturalNews) Factually speaking, the CDC is a malicious, criminally-run anti-science quackery front group for the vaccine industry. As part of its criminal activity, it has long insisted that the vaccine preservative thimerosal is not tied to autism. But once-secret documents, now forced to be revealed by the CDC, prove the agency knew that thimerosal causes autism but deliberately hid that evidence from the public in exactly the same way the EPA hid the truth about lead poisoning of the public water supply in Flint, Michigan.

“A vaccine industry watchdog has now obtained CDC documents that show statistically significant risks of autism associated with the vaccine preservative,” reports Health Advice, which also reports:

Dr. Hooker, a PhD scientist, worked with two members of Congress to craft the letter to the CDC that recently resulted in his obtaining long-awaited data from the CDC, the significance of which is historic. According to Hooker, the data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997, which was analyzed by CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, MD, “proves unequivocally that in 2000, CDC officials were informed internally of the very high risk of autism, non-organic sleep disorder and speech disorder associated with Thimerosal exposure.”

While the mainstream media — largely funded by pharmaceutical corporations — ridiculously continues to claim any link between autism and vaccines is a “conspiracy theory,” the link actually turns out to be evidence-based FACT.

From the Health Advice story linked above:

When the results of the Verstraeten study were first reported outside the CDC in 2005, there was no evidence that anyone but Dr. Verstraeten within the CDC had known of the very high 7.6-fold elevated relative risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy. But now, clear evidence exists. A newly-acquired abstract from 1999 titled, “Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to Thimerosal containing vaccine in first month of life” required the approval of top CDC officials prior to its presentation at the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) conference.

Thimerosal, which is 50% mercury by weight, was used in most childhood vaccines and in the RhoGAM shot for pregnant women prior to the early 2000s.The CDC maintains there is “no relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism rates in children,” even though the data from the CDC’s own Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database shows a very high risk. There are a number of public records to back this up, including this Congressional Record from May 1, 2003. The CDC’s refusal to acknowledge thimerosal’s risks is exemplified by a leaked statement from Dr. Marie McCormick, chair of the CDC/NIH-sponsored Immunization Safety Review at IOM. Regarding vaccination, she said in 2001, “…we are not ever going to come down that it [autism] is a true side effect…” Also of note, the former director of the CDC, which purchases $4 billion worth of vaccines annually, is now president of Merck’s vaccine division.

Flu vaccines given to children found to contain over 50,000 ppb mercury

As you read all this, remember that I personally acquired and tested flu shots for mercury in my laboratory — now called CWC Labs — via ICP-MS instrumentation.

Those tests revealed that flu shots contain over 50,000 ppb mercury — more than 25,000 times the EPA’s mercury limit in drinking water.

Any person believing that injecting children with mercury has no biological consequences is either delusional or scientifically illiterate. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements known to modern science, and it causes neurological damage in all its forms (ethyl, methyl, organic, inorganic and elemental).

As explained in Health Advice:

Thimerosal-Derived Ethylmercury in vaccines is now well established as a mitochondrial toxin in human brain cells.

There are dozens of scientific inquiries and studies on the adverse effects of thimerosal, including gastrointestinal abnormalities and immune system irregularities.

Thimerosal, is metabolized (converted) into the toxic and “harmful” methylmercury. And then in turn, the harmful methylmercury is metabolized (converted) into the most harmful, long-term-toxic, “inorganic” mercury that is retained in bodily tissue.

“Inorganic” mercury is the end product of mercury metabolism. Methylmercury subject groups confirm that the metabolic pathway for mercury in the human and animal body consists in the reduction/conversion of the harmful methylmercury into a more harmful “inorganic” mercury which is tissue-bound, and long-term-toxic. Hence, both the originating substance (methylmercury) and its conversion/reduction, inorganic mercury are found.

Based on published findings by Dr. Paul King, the metabolic pathway for organic mercury involves the conversion of Ethylmercury (Thimerosal) into “methylmercury” and then the further reduction of “methylmercury” into inorganic mercury.

Watch my interview with mercury expert Chris Shade to learn even more about mercury toxicity.

The CDC knew all along that mercury-laced vaccines have been destroying the lives of children… and it did NOTHING to stop it!

The upshot of all this is that the CDC knowingly allowed the lives of countless children to be destroyed by deliberately covering up the links between mercury in vaccines and autism.

This is why I correctly describe the CDC as a “criminal organization.” It is an active, modern-day medical mafia engaged in criminal-scale medical negligence and the mass maiming of innocent children. The CDC, in effect, is run by mass murderers pretending to be scientists.

It’s part of a pattern of medical murder by government agencies, including the EPA (which covered up the horrific lead poisoning of black children in Flint), the FDA (which refuses to remove deadly prescription drugs from the market until huge numbers of people are already dead), the USDA (which openly conspires with Monsanto to poison our food with unsafe GMOs) and the CDC.

It also makes you wonder… what else is the federal government covering up that’s killing, injuring or maiming children today?

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Glyphosate weed killer unleashes grotesque chemical deformations in farm animals… two-headed calves, pigs born with no skin, twisted life forms seem spawned from Hell… PHOTOS

Glyphosate weed killer

(NaturalNews) Glyphosate weed killer, heavily used in conjunction with genetically modified crops, is being blamed for a sharp rise in grotesque, horrific animal mutations taking place in Argentina (see horrifying photos below).

While this story will never appear in the corporate-controlled U.S. media, the UK-based Daily Mail reports that the mutations “look like something from a horror movie – a black dog with a mini trunk protruding from its nose. The baby yellow chick with not two but four feet, the spider piglet with one head, two bodies and eight legs, the goat with two heads and the baby pig with skin so wafer thin you can see the muscles and blood flowing around its body.”

“Farmers blame harsh chemical Glyphosate for causing the mutations,” reports the Daily Mail, adding that “local media said that the deformation was due to the use of pesticides on farmland in the region.”

Number of mutations had QUADRUPLED as use of genetically modified crop chemicals increases

Local who were not aware of the toxicity of glyphosate originally thought the mutations were caused by evil spirits or some sort of demonic curve. But “blame has shifted to the widespread use of the harsh chemical glyphosate which is used as a pesticide,” reports Daily Mail UK:

Argentina is the world’s biggest user of the controversial product, which kills all non-genetically modified (GM) crops. The country supplies GM soya beans that are fed to animals in the UK, and cotton that is used in the manufacture of everything from T-shirts through to tampons. EU policy makers are considering banning the harmful chemical which is known to cause serious birth defects in both animals and humans.

Glyphosate has unleashed a chemical holocaust across our world

What we are all witnessing is a chemical holocaust that has already begun to devastate our world. That so many animals are now being born with devastating, grotesque mutations which resemble hellish life forms is no coincidence: Glyphosate is “Satan’s chemical” and it is sold by a demonic, life-hating corporate monstrosity named Monsanto.

All the promoters of glyphosate, it turns out, are also hate-filled destroyers of life and the planet. Filled with rage and hatred towards women — the bearers of new life — glyphosate-pushing dark operatives like former writer Jon Entine echo the patterns of destruction and deception that you’d most likely associate with Satan himself.

Observe the following photos for yourself, if you dare, and witness what glyphosate has done to our world.

And then join our fight to banish glyphosate from our world by staying informed at and Natural News. Avoid all GMO foods and buy organic wherever possible. Join every effort to stop Monsanto, reject GMOs and eradicate glyphosate from our world. (And pray for these innocent animal beings who suffered intensely from the chemical poisoning that now threatens us all…)

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Attorney Takes On State of California over Forced Vaccination

sb277-479_origBy Denver Valenti

Almost a year ago, Governor Brown of California signed SB277 for mandatory vaccines which has been set to go into effect on July 1, 2016. The bill was prompted by the 2014 Disneyland measles outbreak and historically low levels of vaccination in some California schools. This law removes all exemptions: religious, medical, and philosophical. However, attorney T. Matthew Phillips believes the first amendment allows parents to exercise religion in the face of state-mandated vaccinations. He also says that children have a constitutional right to go to school, regardless of medical procedures. Ultimately a judge will decide which is more important: educating kids or vaccinating them.


Will mandatory vaccination for adults be next? Will 49 other states then require mandatory vaccination? We’re teetering on a slippery slope on what could be required for the greater good. First amendment rights were established to restrain the majority trying to subdue the rights of the individual. Look at what happened in Nazi Germany.

This is the only lawsuit that has been filed against the issue and has received no media attention. Please listen to the podcast below or browse the transcript and pass this link around to as many as you know.

The camel’s nose is under the tent. Which rights will be taken next?

Download Podcast: Matthew phillips, attorney at law, the first amendment and mandatory vaccines on


Also see: It’s Official – All Children Must Be Vaccinated To Attend Public and Private School in California

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Pope Francis Likens Jesus to ISIS, Says Muslims Must Breed With Europeans

In a shocking interview, Pope Francis likened Jesus Christ to ISIS and said Muslim migrants must breed with Europeans to counter “declining birth rates.”

“Today, I don’t think that there is a fear of Islam as such but of ISIS and its war of conquest, which is partly drawn from Islam,” he told French newspaper La Croix. “It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam, however, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.”


The Pope also said he “dreaded” hearing about the “Christian roots of Europe” because, to him, they take on “colonialist overtones” and he called on European nations to “integrate” Muslim migrants into the continent.


“This integration is all the more necessary today since, as a result of a selfish search for well-being, Europe is experiencing the grave problem of a declining birth rate,” he stated. “A demographic emptiness is developing.”

His opinions are stunningly similar to those of top Iman Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, who said Muslims should exploit the migrant crisis to breed with Europeans and “conquer their countries.”

“Europe has become old and decrepit and needs human reinforcement… they are not motivated by compassion for the Levant, its people and its refugees… soon, we will trample them underfoot, Allah willing,” he stated. “Throughout Europe, all the hearts are enthused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead, but they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in our midst.”

“We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries!”

Pope Francis also promoted socialism during the interview.

“A completely free market does not work,” he claimed. “Markets in themselves are good but they also require a fulcrum, a third party, or a state to monitor and balance them.”

“In other words, [what is needed is] a social market economy.”

It’s been estimated that in the 20th century alone, socialism and communism resulted in the deaths of at least 130 million people.

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Two Wild Medicinals: Blackberry Root and Buckthorn Inner Bark

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Hungary PM: Clinton is George Soros Puppet, Wants to Overrun EU With Millions of Muslims

May. 21, 2016

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban slammed Bill Clinton as a puppet of billionaire George Soros for supporting his plan to flood the EU with “millions” of hostile Muslims.

Clinton last week said the anti-migrant countries of Hungary and Poland “decided democracy is too much trouble,” therefor “they want Putin-like leadership” to “keep the foreigners out.”

Via Breitbart:

Top European leaders have blasted Bill and Hillary Clinton following a war of words about the commitment to democracy of both the Polish and Hungarian governments. One leading figure insisted Mr. Clinton “needs a medical test” following his remarks.

Bill Clinton upset NATO allies in a broadly unreported gaffe accusing Poland and Hungary of thinking “democracy is too much trouble” and wanting to have an “authoritarian dictatorship.” This is despite the fact that Poland recently held elections turfing out the establishment political parties in an election with a higher turnout than Mr. Clinton’s re-election in 1996.

[Orban] used the incident to highlight the multi-million dollar connections between the Clintons and Hungarian left-wing billionaire George Soros.

…”[B]eyond the American campaign, the remarks made about Hungary and Poland … have a political dimension,” Mr. Orban said, accusing Mr. Clinton of repeating Soros-inspired campaign lines: “These are not accidental slips of the tongue. And [the number of] these slips or remarks have been multiplying since we are living in the era of the migrant crisis. And we all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros.”

“And George Soros published his six points supporting the Muslim migration to Europe, in which he announced that at least one million Muslims should be allowed [into Europe] each year, that they must be provided a safe path and that Europe should be happy to get such a chance and shouldn’t be defending against it. He also said that it will cost a lot of money, which he’d loan.”

“So, here, in Central Europe a shadow power exists, which is linked to George Soros, he is one of the most important sponsors of the Democratic Party, so I have to say that although the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to George Soros. And since Hungary is where it is, I mean geographically it is where it is and wants to protect its national sovereignty and security, we are a blockade for this Soros plan in America. They will not carry it out here as long as Hungary has a government working in the national interest.”

Fearing Trump’s rise, Soros has already pledged to spend a record $13 million supporting the Democrats this election cycle, at least $8 million of which is going to Hillary Clinton.

While Orban said Soros would loan money to the European Union, in Februrary Soros also demanded EU member states take on massive debt themselves to finance the invasion, lest the EU continue “coming apart at the seams.”

Just weeks ago Orban said his country’s constitution outright bans the “islamization” of Hungary because it commits the government “to promoting and safeguarding our heritage, our unique language, Hungarian culture.”

“We have the right to choose whom we want and don’t want to live with,” he said.

Orban also gave a powerful speech in March where he said the real purpose of the so-called migrant crisis was to “reshape the religious and cultural landscape of Europe, and to reengineer its ethnic foundations. — thereby eliminating the last barrier to internationalism: the nation-states.”

While Hungary was being flooded with an average of around 7,000 migrants a day, the government built their own mini-Trump wall to keep their border secure and migration numbers plummeted immediately after construction was finished.

Last month, ex-US diplomat Adam Topolansky predicted indigenous Europeans would flee to Hungary in the coming years to escape the inevitable disastrous results of the migrant crisis.

While it would be nice if countries like Germany and Sweden followed suit, at least we have one European leader willing to take a stand.


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Stargazers to get rare glimpse of Blue Moon, bright Mars this weekend

There is an astronomical phenomenon known as a Blue Moon which happens, you guessed it, only occasionally. And it’s happening this weekend.

In fact, Saturday and Sunday will offer a dual opportunity for stargazers to get excited because aside from the infrequent Blue Moon Saturday evening there will also be some high-jinks from Mars on Sunday evening.

Mars will be in opposition, meaning the Earth will be passing directly between Mars and the sun. That could make Mars brighter than any star or planet in the night sky.

So get your telescopes out.

If you watch the southeastern part of the sky Saturday night you might be able to see the shining Blue Moon while the Red Planet also beams a bright rusty-orange glow at the same time. Mars will be bright for the next couple of months.

By the time Mars reaches opposition, it will have quadrupled in brightness since the beginning of April, according to

The last Blue Moon happened in July of 2015. The next one won’t happen until January of 2018. Traditionally, a Blue Moon is what people called an extra moon in a season.

Seasons typically only see three full moons, making 12 full moons in a calendar year. The fourth full moon in a season and 13ths for a year is rare.

A warning: A Blue Moon is not actually blue. It is mostly bright white but can take on a bluish hue depending on the season and conditions.

South Florida residents are expected to get a fair but not great opportunity to see what’s happening with the moon and Mars this weekend because of cloud cover.

The forecast from predicts fair conditions for Blue Moon visibility on Saturday, but poor conditions for Mars visibility on Sunday.

Read more here:
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County Bans Composting Toilet For Off-Grid Family

 I’ve dealt with low level bureaucrats and from what I can tell they have jobs where they don’t have to know much, except for telling you how to live your life. Their life is about conforming and if that’s how they live, that’s how they want you to live too.


(Daniel Jennings)  The off-grid Naugler family just can’t seem to catch a break.

Last year Kentucky authorities seized 10 of Joe and Nicole Naugler’s children only to return them weeks later. Now, county health inspectors are allegedly bullying them because their cabin lacks a modern toilet.

“They’ve gone after my home and my business life,” Nicole Naugler told WDRB. “Even have gone so far to make unsubstantiated allegations to government agencies to try to intimidate us in that manner.”

The Nauglers received a letter from the county attorney threatening criminal charges because they use a self-composting toilet. The county is alleging that the couple was dumping human waste on the ground, which is a violation of the law.

“We’ve been singled out, we’re being harassed, we’re being intimidated by what they know to use most and that’s government force,” Nicole Naugler said.

The Nauglers allege that Health Department official Jeramy Hinton filed a complaint against them without coming to their property to investigate.

WDRB acquired a tape of a conversation between Hinton and Joe Naugler. Here is part of the conversation on that recording:

“What factual evidence have you acquired to investigate the claims?” Naugler asked.

“Other than the claims, I have not been on your property,” Hinton admitted.

Nicole Naugler said the toilet is “cost-effective because you’re not using the water, and it’s great for composting.”

She told WAVE, “We’ve been using it for three years. It’s maintained. It’s taken care of. It follows all the guidelines.” She added. “If there was something that we were in violation of, if there was an error that we made along the way, we have no idea how to fix it because we don’t know exactly what’s wrong.”

The Nauglers say they simply want to be left alone.

“People should be able to live as they want without the interference of other people using intimidation tactics to try to get them to conform,” Nicole said.

Joe said the situation with the state regarding their children has been fully cleared.

“We got full custody back, and as a matter of fact, the piece of paper we got from the state … CPS … all they found was that we didn’t register as home schoolers with the county school board,” he said.

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Anti-Gun Boxer: My Armed Security Saved Me From Bernie Voters

Anti-Gun Boxer: My Armed Security Saved Me From Bernie Voters

Americans rich or poor want armed security, whether they buy a gun or hire a gun. Boxer has armed security, but at the same time wants America disarmed. In their gated community with camera’s and armed guards, they don’t fear criminals. Who they really fear is an armed America, because they know when the sheeple finally wake up, they want us armed with nothing more than pitch forks and rakes like back in the days when kings ruled from their castles and everyone else bowed to their whims. We are the host and they are the parasite and they will continue this relationship as long as they possibly can. They have all but killed off America and are already looking to a new host to suck the life blood out of and it appears to be china. This is how parasites operate.

Senator praises her private security while eradicating your gun rights


Anti-gun Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said she was “fortunate” she had armed security to save her from Bernie Sanders supporters.


Boxer was at the Nev. State Democratic Party’s 2016 State Convention when Bernie voters disrupted the event on Saturday.

“It was a scary situation,” Boxer told CNN on Wednesday. “I was there… It was frightening.”

“I had — I was on the stage and people were six feet away from me and if I didn’t have a lot of security, I don’t know what would have happened.”

In other words, she’s bragging about her private security as she eradicates the Second Amendment rights of millions of Americans who can’t afford that luxury.

Boxer is the very definition of hypocrisy, but this isn’t the first time she made such a stupid statement.

For example, it was only a day after the San Bernardino Massacre that Boxer claimed gun control “works.”
“The fact is, sensible gun laws work, and we’ve proven it in California,” she said after two radicalized Muslims killed 14 people despite the state’s strict gun laws.


Her claim runs contrary to a Justice Dept. study revealing that, over the past several decades, serious violent crimes have decreased as gun ownership increased.

And there’s been a significant decline in gun-related violent crimes since the mid-1990s when numerous states began passing concealed carry laws.


In comparison, Chicago, Ill., banned all handguns in 1982 with few exceptions, resulting in a 40% increase in murders as killers took advantage of defenseless victims.

Boxer won’t let reality derail her agenda, however.


She also wanted to ban magazines holding more than 10 rounds, which make up the majority of all pistol magazines, as well as ban so-called “assault rifles” which are little more than semi-automatic rifles.


But nearly five times as many murders are committed with knives than so-called “assault rifles,” according to the FBI.


FBI crime statistics revealed that out of 11,961 murders performed within the U.S. in 2014, 660 were committed unarmed, 1,567 were committed with knives and only 248 murders were known to have been committed using rifles of any type, including single-shot long arms and “assault rifles” routinely demonized by gun control groups.


And, although the FBI did list 2,052 murders under “unknown firearm type,” but given the percentages of the known firearm categories, it is unlikely that more than four percent of the “unknown firearms” were in fact rifles, and less than that were semi-automatics.

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