Jewish Australian lawyer: Death to all “Palestinians” and death to anyone who stands in the way of the Jews

Recently, I have begun to intensely study the Talmud, and it has proven to be a very spiritually enlightening experience. The Talmud has much to teach us about God, Jews, Israel, and daily life. “It’s a central pillar for understanding anything about Judaism, more than the Bible,” says Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, one of the world’s best known Talmudical scholars. “The Talmud is not a divine gift given to people. The Jewish people created it. But on the other hand, it created the Jewish people. In so many ways, we’re Talmudic Jews, whether we believe in it or not.”

All practicing Jews are Talmudic Jews, as the Talmud is the very core of Judaism. The Talmud is the rock which forms the base of Judaism and Jewish law. We can see the Talmud’s influence all over Israel today, from Israel’s calendars to its legal codes. In the words of Herman Wouk: “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe – whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists – we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”
Make no mistakes about it: under Talmudic divine law, Israel absolutely has the right to exist. In fact, Israel has more than the right to exist. Under Talmudic law, Israel actually has the right to FAR more power than it currently has. An examination of the Talmud and what it teaches us about the rightful place of Israel can be very enlightening and eye-opening to those of us who are not yet aware of how Talmudic law works.
Studying the Talmud is currently something associated almost exclusively with Orthodox Judaism and Conservative Judaism. That’s a shame, because all Jews – including the most ultra-reform Jews – have much to learn from the Talmud. Again, the Talmud is the foundation of all Jewish beliefs. How important is the Talmud? So important, in fact, that Israel is now basing much of its legal system on the Talmud.
A Jewish state fully endorses the use of the Jewish Torah and the Talmud as the laws of the land. Last year, as part of a series of moves designed to make Israel’s Jewish status crystal clear, Benjamin Netanyahu publicly stated that he aims to make Israel’s legal system based on the Talmud, as it should be. In Netanyahu’s own words to the Likud party’s ultra-Orthodox member Yaakov Vider: “We will legally define the Talmud as the basis of the Israeli legal system.”
As the Jewish state, Israel’s Jewish essence must be felt in every single aspect of Israeli life. The Talmud is the divine law of the Jewish people, so it’s essential that it also be the law of Israel – the Jewish state. Regardless of one’s feelings about Netanyahu, his commitment to following Talmudic law and cementing Israel’s Jewish status is truly something to be admired.
However, by acknowledging the idea of “Palestinian land,” Netanyahu is betraying the Talmud and Talmudic law. If there is one term that I truly cannot stand to hear, it’s the term “Palestinian land.” Talking to other people in the Jewish community, I often hear the term “Palestinian land” thrown about, and it always deeply irks me. Any Jew who speaks of “Palestinian land” clearly has a very deep misunderstanding of Jewish law. The Talmud makes it very clear that all land belongs to Jews, and that Jews may seize any land that they so desire. Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348: “All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples.” This is directly from the Talmud. Why, then, should the “Palestinians” be entitled to any land? Why should they even be allowed to exist?
In the words of top Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.” Likewise, Rabbi Ya’acov Perin has publicly stated: “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” Shocking? It shouldn’t be. This is Talmudic law as well. The Talmud makes it very clear that the life of a non-Jew has no value, and that gentiles exist only to serve Jews. Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.” Abodah Zara 26b: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Baba Necia 114, 6: “The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.” Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”
This is directly from the Talmud, and these are just a few of many examples. Jewish divine law makes it very clear: the “Palestinians” not only have no right to any land, but the “Palestinians” are not even human beings and thus have no right to even live at all. The “Palestinians” are worthless subhuman beasts and vermin. Jews are human beings, but gentiles are subhuman beasts whose only purpose is to serve the people of Israel. The only reason that goyim have to exist is to serve Jews. If goyim cannot serve Jews, then they should be exterminated. We allow Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Europeans to exist because they serve Jews and they serve Israel – and, when they get out of line, we attack them, like we did to the Americans when we sunk their USS Liberty. In the words of former Israeli Knesset member Yossi Sarid, “We control US politicians like marionettes.” Countries like the US, Sweden, and Australia play valuable roles not only in protecting Israel, but also in serving as dumping grounds (or garbage cans) where Israel can send Sudanese, Syrians, and other subhuman waste who seek asylum in Israel. Multiculturalism in the West has ultimately been of great benefit to the people of Israel, as it allows Israel to ship off invaders to the West rather than having them infiltrate and invade the Jewish state of Israel, thus threatening Israel’s Jewish character. Multiculturalism is something that exists strictly for gentiles. It is NOT something that should ever be attempted in Israel. Israel is the Jewish state, and allowing ANY non-Jews into Israel would be unthinkable. This is precisely why, when African baboons come to Israel, they are sterilized, shoved into crude containment facilities, and eventually shipped off to gentile nations like Sweden, Canada, and Australia – as they should be. Their inferior monkey genes are not wanted anywhere in Israel, as they spread nothing but crime, destruction, ignorance, and misery.
Non-Jews have absolutely no place in Israel, and they have absolutely no place attempting to boss Israel around. The life of a non-Jew is disposable, and Jews are entitled to take the lives of non-Jews whenever necessary. Again, the only purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews. If non-Jews are not able to serve Jews, then, under Talmudic law, they should be exterminated. “Palestinians” do not serve Jews in any way. In fact, “Palestinians” do the exact opposite. “Palestinians” are the single biggest threat to the continued existence of the Jewish state that there is. As such, it’s time to stop pretending that “Palestinians” have any rights whatsoever. It’s time to deal with the “Palestinians” the exact same way that we would deal with cockroaches, termites, fleas, ticks, and all other parasites: through swift and merciless extermination.
The Talmud clearly states (Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772): “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” Isn’t it time for a mass sacrifice of ignoble “Palestinian” scum? Isn’t it time to cleanse the land of Israel – which rightfully belongs to the Jews – of all inferior subhuman vermin? What we need to do is to round up all “Palestinian” cockroaches and slaughter them like cattle. We need to take immense pleasure in raping, torturing, and murdering “Palestinians.” We need to boil “Palestinians” alive in boiling human feces. We need to take “Palestinian” babies and stomp them to death in front of their parents. We need to cut open pregnant “Palestinian” women, put their fetuses on pikes, and leave the fetus-pikes all over “Palestinian” neighbourhoods. We need to anally rape “Palestinian” women with butcher knives in broad daylight. We need to burst into “Palestinian” hospitals and butcher “Palestinian” newborns right in front of their helpless mothers. We need to stuff pig’s heads with explosives and throw the explosive pig heads into “Palestinian” mosques and community centres. We need to take Uzis, bust into “Palestinian” preschools, and slaughter every single “Palestinian” child and teacher inside. We need to mutilate, rape, beat, and torture “Palestinians” in public, while other “Palestinians” watch helplessly. We need to massacre “Palestinian” men, women, and children without any mercy or pity. The Talmud orders us to do so, and any Jew who disagrees has clearly never read and understood the Talmud.
The thing to be done about the “Palestinians” is to KILL them, exterminate them, get rid of them. How do we deal with cockroaches? We don’t argue or debate with them. We exterminate them. If we exterminate cockroaches because they destroy the foundations of our houses, why shouldn’t we also exterminte “Palestinians,” who destroy the foundations of the Jewish state of Israel? Shouldn’t “Palestinians” be treated even more harshly than cockroaches, termites, and other smaller parasites? “Palestinians” are, after all, a much more powerful and destructive breed of parasite. Whereas cockroaches and termites merely destroy buildings, the “Palestinian” virus threatens to destroy the entire nation of Israel and the Jewish people along with it. Shouldn’t we treat the “Palestinian” cancer the same way we would treat any other cancer? Shouldn’t the “Palestinian” parasite be swiftly and violently exterminated, the same way we would exterminate cockroaches or termites? The answer is yes, and the Talmud clearly agrees with me. The Talmud says (Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5): “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.” Under Talmudic law, Jews are permitted – and, in fact, encouraged – to kill Christians, Muslims, and anyone else who denies the Torah.
The only use that “Palestinians” could possibly serve would be as test material for medical experiments. Normally, we wouldn’t be able to conduct medical tests on humans if those tests cause significant pain. But, since “Palestinians” aren’t humans, we can cause as much pain as we want to them. We can inject “Palestinian” children with unstable chemicals, we can chop open pregnant “Palestinian” women, we can strip the flesh off of “Palestinian” babies – we can do whatever we want to these worthless subhuman vermin. And, by conducting medical experiments on “Palestinians,” we can obtain medical knowledge that will ultimately be useful in providing medical assistance for Jews. Not only that, but it would also be a lot of fun to do. Could there be anything more satisfying than the helpless screams of a “Palestinian” child as it’s torn apart by Jewish doctors? I certainly can’t imagine anything more enjoyable. The Talmud (in Yebamoth 98a) clearly says: “All gentile children are animals.” Under Talmudic law, “Palestinian” children are not human. They are subhuman beasts and we are thus free to rape them, torture them, and kill them as we please.
I will never condemn ANY act – no matter how cruel or savage – committed against a “Palestinian.” The “Palestinians” are inferior subhuman beasts, and are not even worthy of breathing in Jewish air. The life of a “Palestinian” has no more value than the life of a flea or a tick. They are vile, filthy, disgusting, worthless, parasitic, subhuman vermin and they need to be violently purged from the face of the Earth, which rightfully belongs to the Jewish people. We need to hate them, we need to segregate them, we need to discriminate against them, and, most of all, we need to kill them. Israel is not going NEARLY far enough in its attempts to wipe out the “Palestinians.” We need to have ZERO mercy or pity for these vulgar subhuman parasites. If we do not exterminate the “Palestinians,” they will exterminate us. History has taught us again and again that gentiles pose a major risk to the existence of Jews. Have we learned nothing from the Holocaust?
The “Palestinians” could very well perform another Holocaust against the Jewish people if we do not exterminate them first. The Nazis successfully killed six million Jews. The “Palestinians” could kill even more – unless we kill them first. Are we really going to sit back and simply wait for the subhuman “Palestinians” to carry out a new, even deadlier Holocaust against the Jewish people? Is that a risk that you want to take? If not, then it’s time to wipe out the “Palestinians” once and for all, and in the most brutal, violent manner possible.
“Palestinians” deserve nothing more than a slow, painful, and agonizing death. There can be no “Palestinian” left alive. We need to utterly exterminate the “Palestinians.” Then, once we butcher every single “Palestinian,” we need to dig up “Palestinian” graves and burn their bones. Israel needs to focus all of its energy to ensuring that the “Palestinians” are completely and utterly wiped off of the face of the Earth. The only good “Palestinian” is a dead one.
I am sick of hearing “Palestinians” complain about “oppression” and “genocide,” even though Israel has never once come anywhere close to giving these Arab cockroaches the real genocide that they so richly deserve. These two-faced, terrorist-supporting “Palestinians” NEED to suffer a real genocide, and, if violence against “Palestinians” ever goes viral in Israel (and I know it will), I myself will not hesitate to move to Israel, join the IDF, and take an AR-15 to the nearest mosque, especially if on a Muslim holiday like Ramadan. I would love nothing more than to savour the screams of “Palestinians” as I invade their “safe” places and mow them down with advanced Israeli weaponry.
“Palestinians” have proven via their anti-human behaviour to not be humans. We need to legally change the definition of the crime of murder so that killing a “Palestinian” is not murder and carries no penalty (since “Palestinians” are not human). We need to encourage all Jews in Israel to butcher “Palestinians” without any mercy or pity. In fact, we should even give out rewards for people who kill the most “Palestinians.” We should hold contests to see who can kill the most “Palestinians” in the shortest amount of time, with money rewards for the best and most effective “Palestinian” killers. We should offer Jews cash incentives to kill “Palestinians,” like, for example, giving out shekels to any Jew who kills “Palestinians,” with more shekels being rewarded for more “Palestinians” killed.
Whenever I’m asked how many “Palestinians” Israel has killed, I know the answer instantly: not nearly enough. Until there is not a single “Palestinian” left breathing, that answer will remain the same. “Palestinians” are a plague upon Israeli civilisation, and they’re a plague that needs to be wiped out. My friends, the time to kill “Palestinians” is long overdue. Grab your weapon today and let’s take out this “Palestinian” scum. The “Palestinians” are parasites and pigs. It’s time to take the pigs to the slaughter. Death to all “Palestinians” and death to anyone who stands in the way of the Jews.
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Russia Says No to One-World Government

Victor Olevich: Almost a quarter century has passed since the end of the Cold War. Yet, both Russia and the West once again find themselves at the precipice of a new Cold War. Why did Washington choose to pursue an aggressive foreign policy towards Moscow after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991? Could these developments have been prevented?

William Lind: The Washington establishment, which is bipartisan, thought that now we could rule the world. It could dictate to everyone and it could force its ideology, which is sometimes called globalism or liberal democracy, but is in fact the soft totalitarianism of Brave New World, on everyone in the world. If necessary, with military force. This is the classic hubris that has destroyed one great power after another. There is nothing new about it.

Victor Olevich:  Why has Washington chosen Ukraine as a battleground in its new Cold War against Russia?

William Lind: Russia under President Putin represents the state system and the way states normally act within the state system, based on their interests. The ideology of the Washington establishment says that is not how the world is going to work anymore.  It is instead going to be essentially a one world government based in Washington. This ideology includes such concepts as the feminist definition of women’s rights, devaluation of all religions, so called gay rights, and the belief that this must be universal.  Russia is saying no to this.  It is saying that it still believes in the state system and is going to pursue its own interests on the world stage.  So when Russia asserted its interests in the face of Ukraine threatening to join NATO, then Washington reacted very strongly.

Victor Olevich: The White House and the State Department frequently criticize Russia and other nations around the world for undermining democratic norms. Yet, Washington did not think twice about fomenting the overthrow of a democratically elected president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich and supporting a government that came to power in Kiev as a result of a coup. How do you explain these double standards? What do they say about values inherent in US foreign policy today?

William Lind: The Washington establishment defines democracy as a system of elections that elects the people it wants to be elected.  If an election in another part of the world does not put in power the government that Washington wants, then Washington refuses to recognize the election. We saw this most dramatically in the Gaza Strip, where the freest and fairest election ever held in the Arab world resulted in a Hamas government coming to power. And Washington immediately announced that it would not recognize it or deal with it.

Victor Olevich: What is the role of neoconservatives in sparking the current confrontation with Russia?

William Lind: The neoconservatives have never gotten over the Cold War and in truth they represent the thinking that was anti-Russian long before the Soviet Union, that was anti-Russian in the 19th century. Unfortunately for America and the rest of the world, they have had an enormous impact on American foreign policy. There is no reason they should have that influence, since all of their adventures have proven disastrous. Of course, they gave us a completely unnecessary and failed war in Iraq. Nonetheless, people continue to listen to them. This may have something to do with the fact that they have a great deal of money behind them.

The neocons and the neoliberals are very similar and work together. The Washington establishment is bipartisan. You have elements on both the left and the right who dissent from it, particularly senator Rand Paul, but the two represent pretty much a consensus within the establishment, though they pretend to be opposed to one another, but they really are not. Hillary Clinton, for example, is a neoliberal. As president her policies would hardly be different from that of the neocons.

Victor Olevich: Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov recently stated that the goal of the sanctions imposed by the US and the EU against Russia is regime change in Moscow. Can Washington’s campaign against Putin backfire?


William Lind: Yes, of course. The United States and the EU are being hurt by the sanctions also. Russia has very strong foreign currency reserves, and it owes about 800 billion dollars to Western banks, with much of that starting to come due. Now, because of the sanctions, Russia is not going to be able to roll that over by borrowing more in the West. Obviously, what Russia can do in that case is say that it is suspending payment on all loans due to institutions in countries that are participating in the sanctions until the sanctions are lifted. Suddenly, the sanctions will hurt Europe much more than they hurt Russia, because Europe will have another massive banking crisis on its hands. There was a news flash last week about Russia and China buying a great deal of gold.  This points to another way the sanctions can backfire. The rest of the world, and not just Russia, is getting tired of the United States trying to dictate to institutions, particularly banks, in their own countries, on what they will do, as if they were American institutions in complete disregard for their national sovereignty. One way to destroy this entire sanctions tool, not just in the case of Russia but also in regards to other countries, is to move trade to a gold basis instead of a dollar basis. The the role of American banks will become irrelevant, because trade will be completed in gold.

Victor Olevich: Is Europe able to act on its own, independently of U.S. foreign policy goals?

William Lind: No, Europe at this point is still very much in Washington’s orbit.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that the EU is an American satellite. Europe is too afraid of American wrath to take any Russian offers. It is rather a matter of taking logical steps dictated by the situation. The debt problem I talked about before will certainly get Europe’s attention and bring home to them that an anti-Russian policy could have much greater consequences for them than its likely to have for Washington. In this sense, Europe’s interests and America’s interests are divergent.

Victor Olevich: Russia has warned about the dangers of toppling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the beginning of Washington’s campaign against his government.  Has Putin been proven right by the latest events surrounding ISIS?

William Lind: Yes, absolutely, he has been proven right.  The United States policy in the Middle East is so stupid that there is a very real danger that we may find ourselves simultaneously fighting all three parties – the Islamist rebels in Syria, the Assad government and Iran. It takes real talent in foreign policy to fight everybody at the same time, despite the fact that they are all fighting each other. The only chance for stability in Syria and for the preservation of the state in Syria is the Assad government.  The Washington policy makers want Assad overthrown because he is not part of their globalist scheme.  We witnessed a similar situation in Libya, where the overthrow of Muammar Qaddaffi led to the disintegration of the state and a permanent state of chaos.

Victor Olevich: What is behind the massive LGBT rights propaganda campaign in the West? Why is this topic given so much attention, while more pressing subjects are ignored?

William Lind: This is part of the ideology of the ruling class here, which in fact is a variant of Marxism.  It is the Marxism of the Institute of Social Research, of the Frankfurt School, which translated Marxism from economic into cultural terms. This, of course, is completely different from the Marxism of the old Soviet Union, which was economic rather than cultural. The goal of cultural Marxism since 1919, when it was conceived independently by Lukacs in Hungary and Gramsci in Italy is the destruction of Western culture and the Christian religion. Lukacs, when he became deputy Comissar of Culture in the Bela Kun government introduced sex education into Hungarian schools, because he knew that if you destroy the sexual mores of a society, then you have taken a giant step towards destroying its culture as a whole. The Hungarian working class was so outraged by what Lukacs did that when Romania invaded, it refused to fight and the Bela Kun government was overthrown. Cultural Marxism has developed further in the 1930-1950s and is very much the state ideology now in the West. The fact that President Putin is causing Russia to reemerge as the most conservative of the great powers, as Russia was in the 19th century, enrages cultural Marxists and makes Russia their number one enemy.

Victor Olevich: What can Russia do to support healthy conservative forces in the West that oppose cultural Marxists?

William Lind: I think Russia should do what it is doing right now – showing people in the West that you can resist cultural Marxism, that you do not have to think that it is the inevitable way of the future, and that a country can decide to retain its traditional way of living and believing.

Victor Olevich is a Russian-American political analyst based in Moscow. His articles have appeared in Izvestia, Planeta, Komsomolskaya Pravda and other major Russian- and English-language newspapers and magazines. He is a frequent guest on Russian political talk shows.

William Lind is a paleoconservative writer and former director of the Center for Cultural Conservatism at the Free Congress Foundation.  He writes regularly for the American Conservative magazine and has co-authored “America Can Win: The Case for Military Reform” (1986) with senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart.

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Feds award family $7.4 million over disabling vaccines

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, MO (KCTV) -An Excelsior Springs man has been awarded $7.4 million because his wife was left disabled by at least one of the vaccines she took before a trip.

On June 22, 2011, Carolyn Schutte went to the Clay County Public Health Center in Liberty for a round of shots. She was preparing for a trip to Africa and received vaccinations for various diseases, including tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and typhoid. Two days later, she was debilitated with permanent brain damage caused by encephalopathy.

“The active lifestyle that we had before is over,” said Jim Schutte, Carolyn Schutte’s husband and now her guardian. “It’s gone. We just have to make due with what’s left.”

The couple were once avid travelers.

Now, Jim Schutte is homebound, assisting with his wife’s around-the-clock care.

“I provide most of her care,” Schutte said, “But I can’t do it 24 hours a day, so I have to have somebody coming in here and helping. It gets very expensive very quickly. It costs a lot more than you might think.”

His wife, who was once the mayor of Excelsior Springs, needs a hydration tube and specially prepared food. She can’t walk. She is paralyzed on one side. The only words she can manage are ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ But she seems to he able to comprehend everything around her.

“When I talk to her about private jokes that we had shared, she always laughs,” Schutte said. “She calls for me in the evening. She wants me to come up and hold hands with her, and so we do that from about 7:30 until she’s ready for bed.”

Despite all the difficulties, Jim Schutte remains a passionate advocate for vaccinations.

“What happened to Carolyn is a rarity,” Schutte said. “It’s a freak of nature. It happens occasionally. But the chances of it happening to you are minimal compared to the risks of actually contracting the diseases you are being vaccinated against.”

He’s not just talking internet research. He holds a doctorate in human growth development and had done post-doctoral work in biomedical research.

One of his fears is that his wife’s rare reaction to a vaccine will further fuel the anti-vaccination movement that he is so strongly against.

“I think people are taking anecdotal situations like Carolyn’s and making it into something it is not,” Schutte said.

He is frustrated with the resurgence of measles cases, which he blames on people refusing the vaccinate their children, which spreads the virus to immunocompromised children who cannot safely get the vaccine.

“I have friends who are still to this day crippled by injuries they received from getting polio back in the early 1950s,” Schutte said. “So you can’t say that the polio vaccine is a bad idea because it’s not.”

The settlement with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was reached on Monday. The money comes from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NCVIP), which was set up for cases where someone is injured by a vaccine. The NCVIP is funded by a tax placed on vaccines that is paid by vaccine manufacturers. The payment covers the loss of her income and helps pay for her costly care. Schutte says payments will be split up annually over 20 years to pay for his wife’s home-based care.

There is no judgement of fault, and the Schuttes’ lawyer, Leland Dempsey, said no one did anything wrong. He explained that vaccines work on the immune system, and a relatively small number of people’s immune systems respond poorly.

“You can’t predict who will suffer that auto-immune response,” Dempsey said.

Because Carolyn Schutte received multiple vaccinations at once, no one knows which vaccine caused her negative reaction.

Jim Schutte does wonder whether part of her reaction came as a result of having multiple vaccines at once. He says the Centers for Disease Control have not addressed the topic, but he reasons that since vaccines trigger an immune response, having multiple vaccines administered at one time could put a greater strain on the immune system. It’s with that reasoning that his grandson is getting his childhood vaccinations in spaced out doses, just in case his logic holds up.

He said his wife still has much of her personality, but has difficulty expressing it. He focuses now on her care and future.

“It hurts, but you have to deal with the reality. And that’s the reality we have,” he said.

The Clay County Public Health Center issued the following statement:

“The Clay County Public Health Center expresses its sincere empathy to Carolyn Schutte and her family. No words can truly ease the burden placed on the family over this tragic occurrence. We know that like any medical procedure, vaccination can have some risks. Although these events are very rare, individuals react differently to vaccines and there is no way to predict how an individual’s immune system will react to a particular vaccine. We agree with and appreciate Jim Schutte’s continued support of vaccines to prevent and eliminate diseases throughout the population.”

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Patagonia In Danger!

By Adrian Salbuchi

Question: Patagonia? What’s that? Answer: Patagonia is the vast, immensely rich, sparsely populated far-away-from-everything southern part of South America, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, through the ranges of the Andes Mountains. Shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia has for over a century been a discrete target of the Global Power Elite, earmarked as their future “safe haven”… just in case…

As we look at the mess they’ve made of today’s world that “future” may now be just around the corner. Spearheaded by the International Zionist Movement, this quiet take-over of Patagonia has progressed dramatically in recent years; not through war and invasion, but through territorial acquisitions, economic infiltration, Israeli military fifth columns, global media support and geopolitical positioning.

Last week a furore erupted in Chile after a roaming group of Israeli “backpacker hikers” ­ “mochileros” as they are called here ­ set fire to 130 sq. kms. of virgin forest in the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. The culprit? One Rotem Singer, who was “roaming Patagonia” with other Israeli “hikers”. They insisted in declarations on Israeli Army Radio that they are innocent. Chilean authorities however, arrested him, and even Chilean president Piñera voiced his concern.

Why so much worry? For decades, young Israeli military officers camouflaged as hikers and backpackers have been surveying, mapping, and snooping around this vast, rich and under-populated region; plotting, planning… preparing their future?

This is nothing new. 36 years back, on 5th January 1986, Argentina’s main newspaper ­ the traditional, prestigious and conservative “La Nación” – published an article with the title, “Studies are Underway for the Settlement of a Jewish Colony in Santa Cruz Province” quoting Israelis surveying the area as saying ‘this is a project we have carefully nourished for a long time(we are) carrying out surveys, studying the local climate, vegetation and animals, and the potential wealth of the area.”

For decades, Israelis have systematically “roamed” throughout this region thanks to the extreme laxity of Argentina’s successive governments, all extremely permeable and bowing down to Zionist influence, as evidenced in September 2003 when then Argentine Army Chief General Roberto Bendini was forced out by a media scandal spearheaded by the local militant Zionist lobby “DAIA” (Delegation of Israeli Associations in Argentina) after Bendini expressed concern over these Israeli officers posing as “innocent hikers”. Again “La Nación” newspaper (30-Sept-2003) explained that “there is no doubt that there are Israelis all over the Patagonia. They move around in groups, they are young, speak in Hebrew amongst themselves.a good number of them come from the military. They have just taken off their Israeli Army uniform; they are twenty-something year old youths taking their vacations after leaving the Israeli Army…”

So, there is understandable cause for concern amongst Argentines and Chileans. Especially when you consider that International Zionism’s founding father, Theodor Herzl, writing way back in 1896 in his seminal book “The Jewish State” (in a chapter with the very significant title, “Palestine or Argentine?”) things like “Which shall we choose, Palestine or Argentine?Argentina is, by its nature, one of the richest countries in Earth, with an immense territory, scarce population and moderate climate. The Argentine Republic would have the greatest Interest to cede to us a part of its territory”

Let’s fast-forward to 2002 when, as we reported in a recent RT article, Argentina collapsed into its worst financial crises and the staunchly Zionist New York Times suggested the country should sell off Patagonia to pay its Sovereign Debt…

And then we have people like Eduardo Elsztain, Argentina’s largest landowner, who “happens to be” local partner of Jewish-American-Hungarian real estate magnate and speculator George Soros (of Zionist Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission fame). Elsztain owns huge tracts of land throughout Patagonia and also “happens” to be CEO of the World Jewish Congress and an active militant in the Zionist Jewish Jabad Lubavitch Movement.

Elsztain is not alone in gobbling up millions of hectares of Argentine land using his billions and billions in Money Power. He informally partners with Carlo and Luciano Benetton, Ted Turner of CNN and TNT, Douglas Tomkins (US “eco-billionaire” targeting Chile), Joseph Lewis ­ (British owner of Planet Hollywood), Daniel Lerner of Walt Disney Enterprises, Ward Lay of potato chip fame, and even Bush’s former treasury secretary and Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson through the NGO The Nature Conservancy.

But Zionists are not alone in this. The London “Telegraph” just headlined an article on 2nd January recommending that “a nuclear submarine should be sent to the Falkland Islands (just off Patagonia) to illustrate Britain’s anger at a decision by South American countries to ban boats bearing the island’s flag”. adding “Britain shouldundertake military exercises in response to the “aggressive” decision by the Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to close ports to ships flying the “illegal” flag of the Falkland Islands”, occupied by Britain since 1833 and converted into a powerful nuclear military base after the 1982 Falkland-Malvinas War pitting Argentina and the UK.

The Telegraph concludes by saying “no one should be in any doubt about the British Government’s commitment to support the area, which involves a vast swathe of potentially mineral-rich South Atlantic waters.”

Need we remind readers that Britain has been and is a fundamental cogwheel in the Zionist movement ever since its 1917 “Balfour Declaration” paved the road leading to the violent creation of Israel in 1948 by the well-financed terror organizations Irgun Zvai Leumi, Stern and Hagganah?

Are the Elites getting ready to take over Patagonia for good?

One thing is certain, neither Argentina, nor Chile, nor any country in South America wants to see Patagonia turned into a new Palestine. The world has seen sufficient Zionist terrorism in that martyred land.

Adrian Salbuchi

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U.S. is Now Importing Organic Corn to Satisfy Consumer Demand

There are three things driving a surge in organic imports:

  1. U.S. farmers have been systematically pushed into growing mostly GMO crops; grown primarily for fuel, animal feed and cheap processed foods. Russia even used our food supply as an example for the EU to dump us and join them instead.
  2. U.S. consumers are not only demanding fresh, organic produce as well as non-GMO convenience foods – but also want meat, dairy and eggs from animals that were fed non-GMO or organic feed.
  3. Other countries primarily grow non-GE crops, and plenty of organic. They’ve got the goods and they reap the benefits of trade.

This is ridiculous, as the U.S. could not only use a valuable export, but could honestly use a supportive, in-house product. Yet again, we find ourselves outsourcing for staples. Shouldn’t our own farmers be benefiting from this rise in demand coming from their country? Yet again, farmers have been tricked and kicked by the very companies with which they sign agreements.

U.S. consumers are coming into awareness about how their food affects their health and want superior products, which sadly, aren’t always available here…yet.

An analysis of U.S. trade data released Wednesday by the Organic Trade Association and Pennsylvania State University shows a spike in corn from Romania and soybeans from India. The chief executive officer of OTA is prompting farmers that the market is open for converts. She called it a “help-wanted” sign for farmers and said, “There are market distortions that are pretty striking.” [Also see: Study Quantifies Market Value of Nature’s Farming Services]

Bloomberg Business reports the bulk of the imports are to feed U.S. cattle and poultry:

As a result, imports to the U.S. of Romanian corn rose to $11.6 million in 2014 from $545,000 the year before. Soybean imports from India more than doubled to $73.8 million.

Sales of foods certified by the U.S. as free of synthetic chemicals or genetic engineering reached $35.9 billion in 2014, an 11 percent increase over 2013 and about 5.1 percent of U.S. grocery spending. The organic sector’s average annual growth of about 10 percent is triple that of overall food sales, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture and trade association data.


The four years of records show rapidly growing trade relationships. In 2014, U.S. organic exports were $553 million, almost quadruple the 2011 total. Imports last year were $1.28 billion, led by $332.5 million of organic coffee.

Supply farms were forced to seek foreign sources with the rapid demand spikes, as 90 percent of U.S. corn and soy are genetically engineered, a definite no-go for organically raised animals, animal by-products and produce. Some organic feed companies have recently seen sales quadruple and sought supplies from Canada. Read Bloomberg for more figures and some tug-of-war about future markets and whether or not it’s worth it to grow organic in America.

And interesting turn of events since yesterday’s Bloomberg report: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture announced that the government would offer support to boost the U.S. production of organic.

While expressing an interest to help small family farms and boost the rural economy, he told Reuters:

There’s been significant expansion and interest in organics. Both the number of producers expanding and the sales expanding are an indication that this is a fast-growing aspect of agriculture.

A peculiar announcement considering Vilsack’s past infatuation and staunch defense of biotech. I don’t buy those intentions at all. Not with Agenda 21 tactics, a crumbling food system and economy, corporations that drain and frack the daylights out of drought-stricken aquifers, states that only vote yes to label GMOs in the far-off future, and the DARK Act looming in Congress. Those things tell me to be vigilant and not to get too excited.

On a lighter and more productive note, we can keep up that consumer demand because, right now, it cannot be ignored. On the other hand, don’t forget to reach out to farmers, but also demand ways for them to make a living using better methods – there isn’t incentive to do so currently, in fact, quite the opposite. Let’s not let them fall behind the market curve. Maybe we could bring this news to Farm Aid’s attention so they can focus on helping their family farmers who wish to convert but without losing the farm.

Unfortunately, there are stifling obstacles that stand in the way of simply switching to an organic farm. More so if the “DARK Act” passes through Congress. (Hint: it punishes non-GMO farmers with fines and makes them produce labels!) For one thing, it’s not about simply switching seed, and farmers are in a sense, punished if they use natural methods. As one recent study pointed out, it would be economically better to use nature’s free services and organic methods but only if it were allowed to be economically feasible!

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MS: Governor Signs 90% Constitutional Carry on April 10th (SB 2394)

How do we classify Mississippi now?  In Mississippi, you do not need a license to carry a handgun openly.   Under very liberal restrictions, you will not need a license to carry a handgun concealed.  The new law goes into effect on 1 July, 2015, in two and a half months.  From the NRA-ILA:

Late Thursday, Governor Phil Bryant (R) signed Senate Bill 2394, a bill prioritized for passage by Lt. Governor Tate Reeves and sponsored by Sen. Terry Burton (R), and Senate Bill 2619, sponsored by Sen. Haskins Montgomery (D), into law.  These two measures make critical pro-Second Amendment reforms, including a clarification that a state-issued permit is not necessary to transport a loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case.

I call this 90% constitutional carry because that is the effect.  Want to carry a concealed handgun, and do not want to pay a tax to do it?  Simple.  Put your pistol in a purse or a camera case, a full flap holster, a tablet or cell phone type holster as shown in the Sneaky Pete holster above, put it in a backpack, fanny pack, gym bag, courier case, or just about anything else that “fully encloses” it, and you would be legal under the new law.  I think a decent lawyer could make a good “case” that a full flap pocket would qualify.

It is hard to see how full constitutional carry reform would not pass the next session or two.  The functional difference is so small as to be one of a few minutes preparation and intent.

Perhaps the next step would be to include virtually all holsters as meeting the definition of a “fully enclosed case” even if they are open topped inside the waist band types.   One of the characteristics of armed criminals is an aversion to holsters of all types.

There are a couple of good reasons for this.  First, holsters are usually attached to a belt, and are harder to get rid of in a hurry if the gun has to be disposed of.  Second, they indicate a degree of foresight and preparation that most common criminals simply do not have.  The requirement to carry a handgun in a holster, rather more securely than simply stuffed in a waist band, is not entirely unreasonable.  Of the extremely rare accidents that occur with concealed carry permitees, a couple have been that of mini-revolvers dropping out of pockets and landing on their hammers.   They are one of the very few designs left where that is possible, and then only if they are carried with the hammer resting on a cartridge primer, which should not be done.

So, do we call Mississippi a constitutional carry state, or not?  I think we should go with the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ and call it constitutional carry.  It will not be too hard to design an under the shirt holster that will meet the definition in the law.   If you insist on tucking the handgun into your waistband, put it inside a shopping bag first.  That would be a bit slower on the draw, but would appear to meet the legal requirement.  If you want pocket carry without a permit, I recommend a cloth or leather case that encloses the pistol, the top of which snaps to each side of the pocket.  Then you can access the pistol as easily as you could from a pocket, with the added advantage of more protection for the pocket and the pistol.

Pistol packers in the old west often reinforced their pockets with light leather.  This would be a variation.

There are some other features in the new law as well.  Concealed carry permit fees are cut, from $100 to $80.    Active duty members of the Armed Forces of the U.S. will be exempt from the fees.  The renewal fee is cut to $40, again, exempting retired LEOs, disabled vets and active duty members of the Armed Forces.  Mississippi residents 65 or older have their renewal fee cut to $20.

It appears to me that with the addition of Kansas and Mississippi, the constitutional carry states have just jumped from five to seven.

©2015 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
Link to Gun Watch

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April Blizzard Causes 70-Vehicle Pile-Up on Wyoming Interstate

As many as 70 vehicles piled up in one spot of a Wyoming interstate Thursday after a heavy April storm dropped almost 10 inches of snow on the area, authorities said.

An almost 150-mile-long stretch of Interstate 80 remained closed in both directions Thursday afternoon between Cheyenne in southeast Wyoming and Rawlins in the central part of the state because of treacherous, slick conditions that caused accidents across the area, officials said. The worst spot was near mile post 342, between Cheyenne and Laramie, two of the state’s major population centers.

The state Highway Patrol said three major accidents happened at that location within just a few hours, the first at 11:22 a.m. ET (1:22 p.m. ET) in blizzard conditions. All told, as many as 50 commercial vehicles and 20 passenger vehicles were piled up at the scene, it said.

No deaths were reported, but the Highway Patrol said, “but multiple injuries have been confirmed.” Details on the injuries weren’t immediately available.

State Transportation Dept. traffic cameras showed that a long line of trucks and cars remained stalled at that location late in the afternoon:

IMAGE: Stalled traffic on I-80 in Wyoming Wyoming Department of Transportation

A state traffic camera shows a long line of stalled vehicles on Interstate 80 in Wyoming between Laramie and Cheyenne.

The National Weather Service said parts of Laramie County along I-80 got up to 9.8 inches of snow — and things could get worse.

Snow was expected to increase overnight into Friday morning, with as much as a foot of snow expected along the southern Laramie range. “there will likely be significant impacts to travel, especially along Interstate 80 from Buford to Arlington,” it said.

Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories were ineffect for much of the region Thursday evening.

IMAGE: 70-vehicle pile-up in Wyoming Wyoming Highway Patrol

The scene of a 70-vehicle pile-up Thursday in Wyoming between Laramie and Cheyenne.
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BLM fracking racket exposed! Armed siege and cattle theft from Bundy ranch really about fracking leases

(NaturalNews) The Bureau of Land Management says its 200-man armed siege of the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada is all about protecting an “endangered tortoise.” But a Natural News investigation has found that BLM is actually in the business of raking in millions of dollars by leasing Nevada lands to energy companies that engage in fracking operations.

This document from the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology(1) shows significant exploratory drilling being conducted in precisely the same area where the Bundy family has been running cattle since the 1870′s. The “Gold Butte” area is indicated on the lower right corner of the document (see below), and it clearly shows numerous exploratory drilling operations have been conducted there.

What’s also clear is that oil has been found in nearby areas and possibly even within the Gold Butte area itself.

It is, of course, customary for the U.S. government to bring armed soldiers to an oil dispute. (Operation “Iraqi Freedom” for starters…) Heavily armed snipers, helicopters and militarized soldiers have never been invoked over tortoises. (Anyone who thinks this siege is about reptiles is kidding themselves.)

Here’s the map showing the oil exploration conducted on the land where Bundy runs his cattle (all the red crosshairs are oil and gas exploration drilling operations):

BLM collects $1.27 million in shale fracking leases

The Bureau of Land Management has just cashed in with $1.27 million in oil and gas leases in Nevada. This was just reported two weeks ago in, which states:

U.S. Bureau of Land Management geologist Lorenzo Trimble tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal the Elko County oil and gas leases sold Tuesday for $1.27 million to six different companies. The auction took place in Reno. The leases are near where Houston-based Noble Energy Inc. wants to drill for oil and natural gas on 40,000 acres of public and private land near the town of Wells. The Review-Journal reports the project would be the first in Nevada to use hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to extract oil and gas from shale deposits.

The way this works, of course, is that BLM runs land theft operations by claiming they are “managing” the land and thereby kicking everyone else off it. They then invoke a reptile, an owl, a bird, a snake or some other animal which they claim to be “saving,” even while they are stealing and destroying hundreds of cattle belonging to a private rancher trying to make an honest living in a nation where productive Americans are increasingly branded “enemies of the state.”

Once control of the land is established via court order or by bringing armed men with automatic weapons, BLM then turns around and leases the land to fracking companies who proceed to exploit the land using hydraulic fracturing techniques that inject toxic chemicals into groundwater supplies (and have been linked to earthquakes). The money collected by the BLM is then used to increase BLM salaries and bonuses.

In essence, the BLM is a criminal mafia racket, and Cliven Bundy just happened to be in the way of their next target, the Gold Butte area of Nevada. That is why they brought hundreds of heavily armed men to a “save the tortoise” operation.

“Endangered tortoises” is merely the government cover story for confiscating land to turn it over to fracking companies for millions of dollars in energy leases. In truth, the BLM was rapidly euthanizing these very same reptiles en masse last year.(2)

As part of its police state intimidation to control the land, BLM unleashed attack dogs on a pregnant woman.

See the brutality invoked by the BLM against peaceful protesters in this video of a near-riot just outside the Bundy ranch:

Does anyone really believe this is still about a tortoise?

Sources for this story include:

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DHS To Purchase 62 Million Rounds Of AR-15 Ammo

The ATF attempted to ban M855 green tip .223 ammo but failed. Now their plan is to just buy it up, to make it unavailable to everyone else. Currently they have enough ammo on hand based on current military needs, to fight a war lasting 32 years. I guess it only makes sense? to buy more. Maybe ammo ages like wine. Or maybe they have a plan that is as clear as looking out the window that the public refuses to see.


“If they periodically do this in increments, they’re going to control how much ammo is available on the commercial market,” a weapons manufacturer told Michael Savage, adding that the contracts with bullet manufacturers stipulate that everything made goes to the government as the number one priority before it is allowed to enter the commercial market.

In March 2013, Californian Congressman Doug LaMalfa and 14 of his House peers wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security demanding to know why the federal agency was buying so many rounds of ammunition and whether the purchases were part of a deliberate attempt to restrict supply to the American people.

DHS to Purchase 62 Million More Rounds of AR-15 Ammo

“The extraordinary level of ammunition purchases made by Homeland Security seems to have, in states such as my own, created an extreme shortage of ammunition to the point where many gun owners are unable to purchase any,” LaMalfa wrote in the letter.

The bulk purchase follows attempts by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to ban M855 ammo, another popular round for AR-15’s used by hunters. The ATF justified the ban by claiming that the bullets were “armor piercing” and a threat to law enforcement officers.

After being on the receiving end of a huge backlash, the feds were forced to back down and ATF director B. Todd Jones subsequently tendered his resignation. Democratic Congressman Steve Israel called the ATF backdown “cowardly” and vowed to revive the ban.

The ATF’s threat to ban the ammo temporarily caused prices of the bullet to surge more than double in price.

Although federal agencies are increasingly hiding their purchases by limiting public information on, it can still be conservatively estimated from available data that the feds have purchased at least 2.11 billion rounds of ammunition since April 2012:

Date Reported            Agency                 Amount                  Caliber       
April ’12 – Feb ’13           Various             2,000,000,000              Various
03/25/13                             DHS                      360,000                    .40 S&W
07/26/13                            NOAA                      72,000                     .40 S&W
07/26/13                            Army                     2,550,000                7.62x39mm
07/26/13                            Army                       425,000                 9x18mm Makarov
08/19/13                             TSA                       3,454,000                 .357 SIG
02/11/14                             DHS                        141,000                  .308 Remington
04/22/14                            DHS                     25,000,000                12 Gauge
05/22/14                            TSA                      24,000,000                .357 SIG
04/15/15                            DHS                     62,000,000                .223 Remington

TOTAL                                                      2,118,002,000

That’s enough ammo to kill around 30% of the world’s population.

Furthermore, U.S. soldiers were shooting around 5.5 million rounds of ammunition per month during the war in Iraq, or 66 million rounds annually. Using that figure, the feds have stockpiled enough ammo over the past two years to fight a 32-year war.

So what do you think?

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Former TSA Agent: Groping Scandal Is Business as Usual

Transportation Security Administration agents screen passengers at Denver International Airport in 2010.
John Moore—Getty Images Transportation Security Administration agents screen passengers at Denver International Airport in 2010.

Jason Edward Harrington is a former TSA agent.

There are far too many federal hands on people’s private parts in airports

The recent story of two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport manipulating full-body scanners in order to grope men’s crotches is disturbing, but it came as no surprise to me.

Over the course of my six years with the TSA, the leveraging of rules and surveillance tools to abuse passengers was a daily checkpoint occurrence. Has the TSA screener searching your luggage suddenly decided to share with you the finer points of official bag-search procedure just as your final boarding call is being announced? There’s a good chance that he or she just doesn’t like you. Or in some cases, as we’ve seen, it may be that the screener finds you attractive and wants to use the TSA rules as an excuse to get his or her hands on you.

Amid all the jokes in comment sections, it’s easy to forget that the groping of these dozen or more male passengers by two conspiring TSA screeners is sexual assault, plain and simple. And while it’s easy to focus all the blame on the two unsavory screeners who are now no longer with the agency, perhaps the bigger issue here is a systemic one: There are far too many federal hands on people’s private parts in airports.

(The TSA agents involved have been fired, and a spokesman for the agency has said: “All allegations of misconduct are thoroughly investigated by the agency. And when substantiated, employees are held accountable.”)

What most people don’t realize is that the full-body scanners the two agents used to assault those passengers — the scanners that millions of people pass through each day — are practically useless. The TSA, in its rush to replace the controversial “nude” radiation scanners that they phased out in 2013, swapped out one poorly functioning line of machines for another. The current millimeter wave scanners, with their outrageous false-positive rates, regularly cause unnecessary pat-downs: The agent running his or her hands over you after you pass through the scanner is almost never doing it for a good reason.

Just a few weeks ago, the TSA reached an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union after a flurry of complaints from African-American women whose hair was too-frequently inspected after passing through the scanners. The reason? The scanners single out areas on passengers’ bodies for pat-downs for just about anything, from the hair of people with braids or barrettes, to the crotch areas of people whose pants are slightly sagging (usually due to the fact that the TSA makes people remove their belts). The scanners even misidentify perspiration as a potential concealed weapon (have you ever walked into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in July without a slight perspiration problem?) When I worked the millimeter wave scanners, we averaged false head-area anomalies on what I’d estimate was about 1 out of every 8 passengers.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the sexual assault of male passengers at Denver International via full-body scanners is that the victims will likely never even know they were assaulted, since so many passengers have their private parts fondled when passing through the scanners, anyway. It’s difficult to tell where airport security ends and sexual assault begins these days. Pat-downs of people’s sensitive areas should be much rarer than they are at the airport.

The TSA should scale back its use of the ineffective full-body scanners. While there is a need for the capability to detect non-metallic threats on passengers going through checkpoints — especially after the failed Underwear Bomb Plot of 2009 — forcing every passenger to get inside costly, poorly functioning full-body scanners is not the answer. The TSA apologists who claim that 100% full-body scanning is the only way to prevent a terrorist from sneaking non-metallic weapons aboard an airplane haven’t given the matter much thought.

Though if the TSA were to do away with the faulty full-body scanners tomorrow and revert back to walk-thru metal detectors, there would still be half a dozen ways a passenger could find his or her crotch being patted down per the TSA’s current system, including:

  • The presence, oftentimes mysterious, of an “SSSS” on a passenger’s boarding pass, which prompts enhanced screening, including a full-body pat-down.
  • The determination by one of the TSA’s controversial Behavior Detection Officers that a passenger is acting suspiciously while standing in line.
  • False alarms on the explosives trace swab that officers use to swipe passengers’ hands and luggage.
  • And of course, there is the elephant in the room of every behind-closed-doors TSA agency meeting: The fact that no technology currently on the TSA checkpoint is capable of detecting an improvised explosive device stashed inside a body cavity. There simply is no way to stop a “butt bomber.” The idea of 100% safety that TSA agents try to sell us with their commands to step inside full-body scanners is just an illusion.

Adequate deterrence against a theoretical terrorist with a non-metallic weapon on his person is all the TSA can and need provide at airports. One or two full-body scanners per terminal, through which the occasional passenger could be randomly directed (alongside passengers on watch-lists), would provide that adequate deterrence. The vast majority of the traveling public need not pass through a full-body scanner, and need not be groped at all.

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