A couple more Assad photos and stories of interest

As an aside, just prior to the U.S./Israeli/Saudi organized and funded “regime change” effort that began in Syria in 2011, I was reading an article in the Antioch Orthodox publication named “The Word” written by an Orthodox bishop from the U.S. about a trip he and three other bishops from the U.S. made to Syria in which they met with the Assads at the presidential residence. Note that the insurrection led by outside forces was a couple months in the future when this visit occurred.
What surprised me the most about the piece was the description of how the meeting unfolded. The gentlemen drove to the presidential residence which turned out to be guarded by three completely unarmed “soldiers” who knew they were coming and “waved” them right on in after an I.D. check. The four exited their vehicle and went to the front door and knocked. To their collective shock, Assad and his wife actually answered the door and graciously invited them into their home. Assads wife, Asma, even brought everyone refreshments including the refills of tea.
Let’s see here – No real security and the president and his wife answered the knock on their door. Think about that for a moment and then engage in not just a “compare and contrast” with the behavior of the “much loved leaders” of western democracies, but that the president of Syria at that point lived in essential safety without fear of his people and without “armed”guards. This is a man, a leader who was/is hated by his people? Am I to take the four bishops for liars or would it be more cirumspect and correct to presume that the western governments and their wholly controlled press is lying. I think the latter.
That was in early 2011, and unfortunately it is no longer 2011.
Please look at these:
This – https://www.rt.com/news/326541-assad-visit-church-damascas/   –  Assad’s make surprise visit to Orthodox Church
Their support of Christians and Christianity in Syria is well known everywhere but in the United States and among it’s covetous vassals. 

 This photo, taken at a state function, making them look so plain and ordinarily “western” is definitive proof that they are both as evil as the western media portray them. The second photo? School in London.

.Image result for photos of bashar al assad and his family

Image result for photos of bashar al assad and his family

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